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I Googled how to change your blog’s URL (God bless Google. Amen) and followed the directions but I’m not sure I did it the right way to migrate my subscribers and Followers. It was saying to Activate Jetpack, but it already was. So I had to disconnect it and reconnect it. Still, when I open, it opens without the WP bar at the top, so I have to open my wordpress dot com site, click switch sites, then choose

I used to be so savvy at stuff like this. When I started with hosted WP in 2007, I could figure almost anything out on my own. 10 years later, I’m really having trouble, even with help, and it bothers me.

It makes me feel old.

To do:

I think I’ll copy over all my posts from Facebook over here. I check “On This Day” every day anyway. I could have all posts from 2008 to present all copied over here one year from now.

I really want to back away from Facebook and back into blogging regularly. It would help if it was as easy to add a WordPress post as it is to add a Facebook post.

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domain name change imminent!

I’ve had since 2007. I’m letting it go.

I’ll be changing the domain name to In 2007, everyone in the blogosphere just used dot com automatically. These days, a buttload of different URL endings are available and indicate to a reader what type of site they’re at.

I’m changing it from dot com to dot me to reflect that this site isn’t a business; this is my personal blog. I think that it’s important now that I’m a business owner to keep business and personal separate.

This won’t stop me from letting you know here what’s going on with my business. 🙂 Especially if something super cool happens, like, when I shoot a wedding (8/5/17!) and it goes super well!

So, please; if you like what I blather on about here, in about a week make sure that your email subscription and/or your Follow is still working! I don’t want to lose you!

If your student loan is in default and you want to get rehabilitation, just contact them directly. Don’t ever deal with anyone initiating a call to you offering to rehabilitate your student loans. 

They’ll charge you an exorbitant fee.

Red flag 1 – they call you. The legit company will not call you. You must initiate the call to them. 

Red flag 2 – they ask for your full SSN. The legit company will never ever do this.

Google “student loan rehabilitation” and look for the site that ends in .gov. 

It took me 3 calls to get to the collection company that owned my loan and then 30 minutes with them to get set up to get out of default. $5/mth for 9 months then will be based on income. NO FEE. 

In my case, scammer company’s fee was $597, broken down in payments, and made it sound like it’d go toward the repayment of my loan. I called to cancel it the next day. 

They took my money anyway. 

I called and told them I canceled it the next day and I wanted the payment reversed. She insisted there’s nothing she could do cos no record of call. I tried to remain calm and restated the date and time I called to cancel and that it was a voicemail there should be record of. She offered to reverse the charge minus a 25% “consultation fee.” I raised my voice (I might have lost it a little bit and slapped the table in time with my words), used her name, and strongly reiterated my side and the fact it wasn’t my fault if the CSR deleted that msg. She finally said she’d fully reverse the charge. We’ll see if I get the $119.40 back and if they take it out again.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. 

(She’s lucky I couldn’t punch her.)