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What Would Mattress Mack Do? | Hitting the Trifecta

After a deluge of negative press, Joel opened the church and went on TV. He insisted that the only reason he hadn’t thrown open the doors was that “the city hadn’t asked” him, and there were other shelters better suited for post-flood recovery efforts nearby. It was starting to add up, though, that the monsoon of negative social media backlash had pressured a quick switcheroo.

The optics couldn’t get much worse for Joel. That is, of course, until you compare how another famous Houstonian reacted to the storm.

Houston furniture magnate and television commercial personality Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale publicly announced that all of his furniture stores would serve as additional refuges from the storm. Literally, a for-profit entrepreneur invited a bunch of soaking wet people to come and sleep on (and likely ruin) his inventory. All while the 16,800 seat “Christian” church in town was locked.

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[I have many Christian friends on both sides of this issue. It’s pretty much blown up Twitter and it’s been in my Facebook feed a couple times. It’s pretty hard to see some Osteen’s side of the story. Rickey has said it better than I could. Preach, brother!  –Dory

P.S. I wish I had time to blog more often! Alas, my work right now is photographer, not writer. Like choosing kittens from a litter. But, hey, I just took time to pass on this hawsum author’s words. Back to work. ]

No, I’m not in a same-sex relationship. But this article resonated with me. #relatable #allmyyeps –Dory

bisexuality flag
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Source: Yes, I’m in a same-sex relationship. But please don’t call me a lesbian.

The number of pairs of Doc Martens I own is only exceeded by the number of Indigo Girls concerts I have been to. I’m, like, so gay, dude.
But that doesn’t make me a lesbian. And when I’m called one — and especially when I’m called one after identifying myself as bi — I’m reminded that how other people perceive me matters more than how I identify myself.

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The Gospel Of The Big (Orange) Guy — Hitting the Trifecta

[Oh, God, yes, THIS. THIS, SO MUCH, ALL MY YEPS, THIS. –Dory]

There’s spin, and then there’s unabashed lying. Spin is a reality in every industry. It’s a skill you have to possess to get beyond the lowest ranks of private or public endeavors. I don’t care if you’re an orderly in a county hospital. If you are too transparent or matter-of-fact, you’re likely to remain on […]

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