Sick chick.


Phoebe is in my makeshift chicken hospital. The heat has been too much for her and she’s been panting for days. We’ve dunked her in cold water, fed her cold fruit and veggies, had a fan on her roost in the coop, but nothing has stopped the panting and holding her wings away from her body. It’s like her thermostat is stuck. After another restless night worrying about her, I brought her in and gave her electrolytes and her own food in case she’s been too weak to feed and hydrate herself properly. Hoping this will do the trick and get her back to her normal sassy self.

A Lively Tale About The Crazy Chicken Lady

Once upon a very hot time, Crazy Chicken Lady checked her chickens before closing the coop for the evening and she observed Phoebe panting and holding her wings away from her body and got worried about heat stroke. So she brought her in for awhile to sit in front of the fan. And stepped in poop on the way in. And was holding a chicken so she couldn’t wipe it off. She walked funny to keep it off the floor. Then Phoebe pooped on the floor. And Crazy Chicken Lady realized this was really stupid and decided to clean her foot and take the fan out to the coop instead. The End. *curtsies*