Dharma just came up to the house to tell me she laid an egg! (video)

After doctoring up her prolapsed vent for 2 weeks, googling like crazy and totally winging it, sticking her insides back in with a carefully disinfected, gloved hand… wow.

When she came out of the coop singing, my stomach dropped. I was afraid she would re-prolapse.

I checked her and she’s just fine. Whew! I can’t believe I did all that and it worked! I fixed it! All that work? Totally worth it!

Iodine and witch hazel… $10

Box of medical gloves… $8.33

My sweetest hen healed… PRICELESS.

The girls are such a big help.


I’m digging away the top one inch of my lawn, putting down lawn fabric, and covering it with new stone. Every bucket of dirt I bring back must be meticulously gone through for worms and other likewise tasty morsels.
**scratch scratch, back up, look, peck peck peck, repeat**

Sick chick.


Phoebe is in my makeshift chicken hospital. The heat has been too much for her and she’s been panting for days. We’ve dunked her in cold water, fed her cold fruit and veggies, had a fan on her roost in the coop, but nothing has stopped the panting and holding her wings away from her body. It’s like her thermostat is stuck. After another restless night worrying about her, I brought her in and gave her electrolytes and her own food in case she’s been too weak to feed and hydrate herself properly. Hoping this will do the trick and get her back to her normal sassy self.