Lookit!!! Lookit!!! It’s here a day early!!!

Thank you, Jennifer Lawson! 

(Beeteedubs, if you haven’t gotten to know Jenny Lawson, GET TO KNOW HER!

Not for the early delivery because you didn’t have anything to do with that…? that I know of… ? or did you? ? Maybe you’re just THAT hawsum!!! 

Thank you for writing for us. The misfits, the outcasts (usually by our own making), the shamed souls with the shade of mental illness, and the people who love us, every day, just the way we are. 

 :’o)  (there’s no emoji for a smiley face with one tear. someone get on that. stat.)

It was a good day; and I had one coming. Hello, Spring!

I had all my hours in at work, so I got to sleep in and have the day off.
Tom brought me a Coke and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit for breakfast.
I took a long, hot shower.
The temperature reached over 50 degrees and my hens enjoyed the afternoon in the sun.
I got lots of my own work done.
I got out the Camaro.
I bought a box of wine, and it was on sale for $4 off.
I made some ring tones and text tones for the boys and I. I have almost 100 tones, and about a dozen friends. Clearly, I need more tones.
I booked a Passion Party today.
This wine is tasting pretty damn good.
It’s almost time for bed.
Life is good.