It was a good day; and I had one coming. Hello, Spring!

I had all my hours in at work, so I got to sleep in and have the day off.
Tom brought me a Coke and a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit for breakfast.
I took a long, hot shower.
The temperature reached over 50 degrees and my hens enjoyed the afternoon in the sun.
I got lots of my own work done.
I got out the Camaro.
I bought a box of wine, and it was on sale for $4 off.
I made some ring tones and text tones for the boys and I. I have almost 100 tones, and about a dozen friends. Clearly, I need more tones.
I booked a Passion Party today.
This wine is tasting pretty damn good.
It’s almost time for bed.
Life is good.