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I Googled how to change your blog’s URL (God bless Google. Amen) and followed the directions but I’m not sure I did it the right way to migrate my subscribers and Followers. It was saying to Activate Jetpack, but it already was. So I had to disconnect it and reconnect it. Still, when I open, it opens without the WP bar at the top, so I have to open my wordpress dot com site, click switch sites, then choose

I used to be so savvy at stuff like this. When I started with hosted WP in 2007, I could figure almost anything out on my own. 10 years later, I’m really having trouble, even with help, and it bothers me.

It makes me feel old.

Maybe I need to break up with social media. At least attempt a trial separation.

I miss writing here.

I know this is NOT a new idea, but I think social media killed my blogging bug. First, there was Twitter. Then Facebook. Then Google+. I went through phases; I adopted Twitter, I tweeted lots, I blogged less. I adopted Facebook, I facebooked lots, I tweeted less, I blogged even less. Then a year ago I adopted Google+ and I’ve been seesawing back and forth between Facebook and G+. And I hardly ever blog at all anymore.

My time on Facebook brings me less and less value every day. I’ve been fortunate to reconnect with some people and I’m thankful for that. But I’m finding that my feed is almost nothing except a stream of pictures with sayings on them, political bullshit that pisses me off, and minutia that I never wanted or needed.

I still get much value from time I spend on G+. The interaction there is richer. I’ve learned so much from other photographers who are freely sharing their knowledge.

Pinterest is fun, but it’s just a corkboard, really. No interaction whatsoever. But its value to me is to pin things that grab me in the hopes that I’ll be able to access that information later when I need it.

How about you? How is social media affecting your blogging or personal life?