2018 temperature throw

Y’all know I can’t just do something how everyone else is doing it. Usually a temperature blanket is one row, one color, corresponding to what the high (or low, hooker’s choice) is for the day.

Not me.

One row is one day – 50 stitches of the high, 50 stitches of the low, 50 st high, 50 st low. 365 rows of 200 sc sts should result in a throw just the right size for the couch. Using Red Heart Super Saver yarn, which is not my fave (it tends to feel a tad coarse and it wants to separate) but it’s gonna take a lot of yarn and I want this project to not be too expensive.

Date, low, high, order, done

Of course I’m already behind. Because, hi, me. The high to low column is because of turning the project. I want it to remain consistant.

Temperature to color chart

It only took me an hour standing in the yarn aisle at Joann’s to come up with a color chart I liked. I’m not super at making decisions. There must be lots of thoughts to factor in, even if I have to make some up.

Four rows of blanket done

Four rows done! Never mind today is the 11th. Who am I kidding? Do I have a chance at actually finishing this?!