Christmas Aftermath

  1. Had a few five Christmas cookies with my morning coffee.
  2. Took a shower.
  3. Upon getting dressed, realized my bloated-and-cranky jeans were snug. Except it’s not time for me to be bloated-and-cranky.
  4. Next time I hit the kitchen, chose a grapefruit instead. Headed into the office to eat it while I checked FB and G+.
  5. Took my bowl back to the kitchen.
  6. Caved and ate another Christmas cookie.

That’s how I roll.

And if I keep it up, that’s how I’ll roll.

Down the hallway.

Awwww maaaan; leftovers again?!

So if you don’t blog for a few days, you get a post-it filled with scribble and you serve yet another piping hot bowl of Blog Stew. It ain’t much, but it’s filling.

It was an interesting weekend. Dory’s done it again. I took the last of my Wellbutrin on Friday and couldn’t find my big four month stash that came in October. We turned the house upside down all weekend looking for it. Then Hunkster called the office on Monday. Turns out I picked up the emergency ration that they gave me when they forgot to order it, and never picked up the big stash when it came in. So we picked it up yesterday and I’m back on track. How do I forget things like picking up my mind-altering pharmaceuticals?! D’oh!

Friday The Rockstar went to school medicated and came home and announced he had a very good day! Yay!!! He also said that he caught Wfgt reading my blog during small groups, so when you comment, say hi to her and thanks for being the grooviest Wfgt ever! AND also thanks again to the Intarwebb Angel, too!

Friday night we went to a CMA meeting…

Our fearless leader bravely playing
“Let’s Make a Deal” Christmas/Joy Rider style

…then out to Fifth Gear to see Strangely Familiar. Great time, but did two tequila shots and lost count of the beers, then remembered too late that it’s a bad, bad idea to try to keep up with The Kizzle. The Hunkster ended up driving us home, of course.

Saturday was spent nursing a headache in my neck and looking for my meds. My office is cleaner than it was, which is saying a lot. Over the weekend we all watched LotR 1&2 together. On the 50 inch with surround sound, just as God intended.

Elli came into heat this weekend;
Elmer better get his dancin’ humpin’ shoes on

And we have a snow day today because of this huge ice storm coming through and I hate snow days. “Mom, can I…” “Mom, will you…” “Mom, let’s…” “Mom, he won’t stop…” “Mom?” “Mom!” “Mommmm?!” mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom mom …ad infinitum…


Things I never thought I would have to actually utter unto my children but found myself rolling my eyes and stating:

2. “Stop licking your brother’s pillow.”


I thought I’d pass on this link from Jessica which will be very interesting for anyone touched by Asperger’s Syndrome.


Only 14 days left until Christmas and 8 days until my birfday! I still have to find something for my nephew, and then my Christmas shopping is done. I still have to find something for my mom and The Seester, but I don’t have to worry about that until we have our Christmas in January. Here’s Elli opening one of her presents last year. I hid her present this year on the shelf in my closet and the little spaz already spied it. She’s asked and asked for me to get it down and give it to her, but she’s just gonna hafta wait like the boys.

Rip it open, and “ooooo” and “ahhhhh” over it even if you hate it. It’s that time of year.

27 down, 3 to go… I’m going to be crawling across the finish line

Things I Did to Procrastinate Blogging This Evening:

  1. Read all blogs until Google Reader said 0 unread items.
  2. Checked Gmail.
  3. Tried to figger out which rat bastards plagiarized Rebecca‘s blog by Googling the first sentence.
  4. Failed.
  5. Checked Yahoo! Mail.
  6. Looked up the closest Ikea and MapQuested directions.
  7. Checked Hotmail.
  8. Read some blogs that aren’t in my reader, just bookmarked. Hey, you gotta sell it to me to make my Google Reader, baby.
  9. Got really desperate and decided to *gasp!* clean!
  10. Started to clean my desk.
  11. Realized the complete and utter futility of that particular activity and gave up.
  12. Made a leftover turkey, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream wrap.
  13. Snarfed it.
  14. Took dishes back into the kitchen. Noticed nasty goo spilled on the bottom cupboards.
  15. Washed kitchen cupboards.
  16. Sat down at computer and stared at the empty white post box.
  17. Cleaned off kitchen table.
  18. Mixed a 55 gallon plastic barrel of Elmer’s glue and water with all the papers that came home from the boys’ school, and made a life size papier-mâché century old sequoia tree in tribute to the forests that were slaughtered in the making of all the papers that come home from school. (Ok, I stretched that a little far. But still.)
  19. Filled Elli’s water bowl.
  20. Kicked the ball for Elli.
  21. Watered the plants.
  22. Overfilled one.
  23. Cussed.
  24. Cleaned it up.
  25. Sat down at computer and stared at the empty white post box.
  26. Kicked the ball for Elli.
  27. Stared off into space and thought and thought about what to write until smoke came out my eyeballs.
  28. Noted that I feel like there is an ant in my left nostril chasing its tail in circles like it’s getting ready for bed. I’m sick of this cold.
  29. Deadheaded the plants.
  30. Swept kitchen floor.
  31. Kicked the ball for Elli.
  32. Repeat last step about a gazillion times. Realized that I’m going to wear out before she does.
  33. Mopped kitchen floor.
  34. Noticed a dirty hand print on the wall. Swiped at it with the mop.
  35. Washed the rest of that wall because the clean spot stuck out too much.
  36. Mopped the bathroom floor.
  37. Sat down at computer and stared at the empty white post box.
  38. Ripped some DVDs.
  39. Stared at the white post box.
  40. Looked through the Ikea catalog.
  41. Put away the folded clean clothes in the living room.
  42. Sat down at the computer and stared at the white post box.
  43. Realized I forgot to dump the mop water. Took care of that.
  44. Sat down and stared at the empty white post box.
  45. Sighed deeply.
  46. Made a list of Things I Did to Procrastinate Blogging This Evening.
  1. Rip it,
  2. roll it, and
  3. punch it, dude.

Mama said there’d be days like this

I have been saying for literally years that I have got to keep track and make a real list, but never got around to it. But today I decided the time has come to start my list. I will add to this list as events warrant.

Things I never thought I would have to actually utter unto my children but found myself rolling my eyes and stating:

  1. “Stop licking your brother.”

That’s my gene pool at work, y’all. I think the pH is all hinky. Or maybe just on clearance at the outlet mall.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.