The girls are such a big help.


I’m digging away the top one inch of my lawn, putting down lawn fabric, and covering it with new stone. Every bucket of dirt I bring back must be meticulously gone through for worms and other likewise tasty morsels.
**scratch scratch, back up, look, peck peck peck, repeat**

I’m Dory; I get to do that.

I just remembered that I forgot a couple days ago I promised to show you the last block.

This was my favorite block and it was the trickiest, too. Then after I got it done, I discovered it was about an inch smaller all around than all the other blocks. Apparently, when they put the pattern in the book, they put it at a smaller scale than all the other pieces. So I had to cut strips to make it the same size as all the others.

Thank God I saved this one for last because I probably would’ve given up if it wasn’t!