I’m Dory; I get to do that.

I just remembered that I forgot a couple days ago I promised to show you the last block.

This was my favorite block and it was the trickiest, too. Then after I got it done, I discovered it was about an inch smaller all around than all the other blocks. Apparently, when they put the pattern in the book, they put it at a smaller scale than all the other pieces. So I had to cut strips to make it the same size as all the others.

Thank God I saved this one for last because I probably would’ve given up if it wasn’t!

Here’s six more blocks.


Top left: Dutchman’s Puzzle. Top right: Rolling Star. Bottom row: Tom’s Pinwheel (I still have to put the basting thread through all the seams) and my Pinwheel.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the last, hardest block; The Waterwheel.

Try to keep your excitement under control. You’re embarrassing me with your elaborate display of emotion.

Because I don’t have enough on my plate.

Thought I’d show you yet another little project I’ve tackled that’s stolen me away from writing more often.

I’ve done dozens of machine sewn quilts.

I decided to indulge the little OCD ruler-holding elves in my head by attempting a hand sewn quilt.


The first two blocks.


This pattern is called Eight Pointed Star. The lady that named this pattern went by “The Duchess of Obvious.” She also said to tell you that in this picture, one block is face up and one is face down to show off my stitching.


See?! Hand sewn! Everybody “OOOoooOOO” and “AHHahhAHHahh” all together now.

Those long white stitches are just basting threads that will be pulled when the quilt is all finished. They hold the seams in the right direction out of the way when I’m doing the actual quilting, the decorative stitches that connect the three layers of the quilt together and keep the batting from shifting through wear and washing.

The blocks will be 12″x12″ and it’ll be a lap-size quilt 3 blocks by 3 blocks with 3″ borders. Or maybe 4″ borders. We’ll see. I just finished the last block, #9, at work last night. Tom finished #8 last night, too! That’s right, he was watching me sew and asked me to show him how to do it, and then he took the pieces with him to school and sat quilting while he listened to his lecture. Then after class, The Sharks AND The Jets jumped him outside the back door and beat the ever-lovin’ snot out of him.