2018 temperature throw

Y’all know I can’t just do something how everyone else is doing it. Usually a temperature blanket is one row, one color, corresponding to what the high (or low, hooker’s choice) is for the day.

Not me.

One row is one day – 50 stitches of the high, 50 stitches of the low, 50 st high, 50 st low. 365 rows of 200 sc sts should result in a throw just the right size for the couch. Using Red Heart Super Saver yarn, which is not my fave (it tends to feel a tad coarse and it wants to separate) but it’s gonna take a lot of yarn and I want this project to not be too expensive.

Date, low, high, order, done

Of course I’m already behind. Because, hi, me. The high to low column is because of turning the project. I want it to remain consistant.

Temperature to color chart

It only took me an hour standing in the yarn aisle at Joann’s to come up with a color chart I liked. I’m not super at making decisions. There must be lots of thoughts to factor in, even if I have to make some up.

Four rows of blanket done

Four rows done! Never mind today is the 11th. Who am I kidding? Do I have a chance at actually finishing this?!

Me and Also Me

Me: Hey, remember when I decorated Tom’s office?

Also Me: Duh. It’s me. Vaguely.

Me: I put a wooden bowl on a piece of red satin and Tom put those weird twig-balls in it that I found on clearance at Target. 

Also Me: Where’s my phone? 

Me: Try to focus. Listen. That satin isn’t texturey enough. It needs something rustic, rough, under it, like… twine. It needs a pop of red in it to match the red pieces in the balls. It should be round like the balls and the bowl.

Also Me: **snort** You said, “balls.” **giggles**

Me: Um, yeah. Ok. Clearly, I’m on my own here. Hmmm. Maybe I could crochet a circle with twine! And add red yarn to the twine! Texture AND color! Yeah!

Also Me: Um, wait. You’ve never crocheted in the round. You’ve never mixed two really different fibers. Maybe you should teach yourself to crochet in the round with one strand of plain yarn first? And then make a small square with mixed fibers first?

Me: Weren’t you looking for your phone and giggling when I said, “balls?” Go get a glass of wine.

Also Me: On it.

Me: Puh-lease. Why waste time crocheting a circle with plain yarn? And crocheting a small square with the two fibers? How different could it be? I’m going to teach myself a new thing with two mixed fibers which I’ve never done before! Yeah!

Also Me: Here. You’re going to need this wine.

***Two Days Later***

Me: ZOMG, WTF was I thinking?! This is hard! If I have to rabbit this and start over again one more damn time, HEADS WILL ROLL. And this twine is really rough and I have to keep spinning it because it gets twisty. And I thought this was thick enough to go really quickly and it’s not. And I’m totally bored with this.

Also Me: I feel like I tolja. I’m not completely sure. Because, Me.

Me: Shuddup.

***Three Days Later***

Me: I finally figured it out. My pointer fingers and thumbs feel like someone took a palm sander to them. And since it’s not going as quickly as I thought it would, I’m so bored with it.

Also Me: Where’s my phone? Oh, here. Hey, why don’t you just stop that and go get some softer, finer twine and start over?

Me: START OVER? No! I got this far and I don’t want to start over. I already spent all this time getting this far.

Also Me: That’s dumb. Leave the house. Get the soft twine. Start over using more suitable fiber. Do it better, do it right. It’s not like you have a deadline. **snide stage whisper** You could’ve gotten 200 more shots culled in the time you’ve wasted.

Me: Duh. We don’t leave the house. And, “Do it better, do it right?” That’s just crazy talk. And, the work? Double shuddup.

Also Me: You’re just mad because I’m right.

Me: I said, SHUDDUP. 

Also Me: Where’s my phone?

***Two Days Later***

Me: FINALLY. It’s 11″ diameter. It’s DONE.

Also Me: But your hands are ate up, it took you three times as long because you refused to practice the new things, you’re so sick of that project you’ll probably never do it again, and you shoulda been working. Hey, have you seen my phone?

Me: SHUDDUP, JOY SUCKER. I should bunjee cord that got dam phone to your got dam leg. Screw the phone, where’s that damn wine?!

Also Me: Seriously. Where’s my phone?

Poor woman’s standing desk

messy desk with a cute JRT under it
Elli is a big help. (Please excuse the mess. Cluttered desk, brilliant mind, yadda.)

I’ve been having a lot of sciatica pain and finding it hard to work more than an hour at a time. I started looking at “standing desks.” $500-$1000+?! Um, no.
Four 12″ high concrete blocks from Menards for $7.58. BOOM. DONE.
P.S. My desk is a 3’x8′ table that a church was gonna throw away. Works just fine. Bonus: loyal dog that sticks to me like stink on shit. Comes with $2 rug from The ReStore.
I know, sitting on two 12 packs of soda stacked on a bar chair doesn’t do my back any favors; so I did invest $74 in a good ergonomic drafting chair from Amazon that’ll arrive tomorrow.
But $7.68. I’m pretty damn proud of myself.