Weekly Winners for 01/04/2009 – 01/10/2009

January 4 to January 10

Hunky took this one. I was messing around with an idea for another bloggy friend’s design.
IMAG0011.jpg Goggles. Check.


090105_230620.jpg Elli got a flying chicken for Christmas from my friend Kenzie. You’d not believe how excited she gets about this damn thing. He’s got a tubing so you can shoot him sling-shot style and when he lands he makes the loudest, most annoying crowing you ever did hear. She gets so excited before you shoot him, she’s like a coiled spring; whining and begging you to loose him and let ‘er at him. She shoots off like a bat outta hell, then “worries” him, growling and givin’ him the what-for. When she decides she’s killed him, she gives him back so you can make him alive again, and she can kill him all over again. Was this a guess you hadda be there things? Oh, well.

 My man-child. I can see the baby he was and the man he’ll be
at the exact same moment. *deep sigh*

090107_214548.jpg My niece/Goddaughter got a mirror that lights up
and says, “You’re a pretty princess!” and she was enthralled.

090110_192438.jpg This blanket is older than me. It hung on the back of my Gramma’s couch
for years and years, and now it hangs on the back of mine.
If Gramma saw all the cat/dog hair on it, she’d tsk tsk tsk me fo’ sho’.

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And then, WHOOOOSH, her head burst right into flames.


Forgive the crappy picture, but remember, my son dropped my point and shoot which was kind of a POS anyway, so I was using my camera on the PPC. 

I’m pleased to report that Elli’s new heater is working out just dandy for her. Note the hot pink inside her right ear and the panting. It has a handy thermostat so I can set it to go off right before her little head bursts into flames. So, she is once again crime-fighting in the wee hours of the night, and Cedar Rapids is a little safer on her watch.

Ah, I note the looks of confusion from some of Mah Peepull. I shall explain. You see, my little Jack Russell Terrier has been unveiled as Ghost Dog. She bursts into flames in the middle of the night and heads out on her skateboard (she can’t exactly take the motorcycle; no opposable thumbs) to fight the forces of evil.

It’s quite an interesting story how this all unfolded. Don’t worry; they’re quite short. I beg of you; partake and enjoy. Part OneTwoThreeFourFive

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Please note the fire extinguishers positioned conveniently adjacent to each of the exits.

Weekly Winners for 11/09 – 11/15

November 9 to November 15

She sits like this quite frequently; cracks me UP!
I couldn’t resist the pose plus the light equaled MUST snap UNBEARABLY CUTE PIC.


Crazy Drummer Boy


Still trying to fiddle with the whole aperture/shutterspeed balance thing


Good pickin’


Practicing safe sax


Weekly Winners 10/26 – 11/01

I’m going to start doing yet another photo meme called Weekly Winners sponsored by Sarcastic Mom. I’ll be posting my favorite photos that I took that previous week. I’ll still do Wordless Wednesday, but probably feature artsy-fartsy pics on there, and then Weekly Winners to wrap up my week. You probably won’t notice any difference with the amount I’m actually writing and I’ll post about the same amount of pictures; I’ll just be a little more organized about it. I’m so glad you guys put up with me. 🙂

Here we go with the inaugural edition (I may have been watching a little too much West Wing lately) of

Link to Weekly Winners

Hunky sure cleans up nice!


Elli’s little JRT burrowing instinct went nuts
when she found this huge pile of leaves!
Hunky and I got a good laugh out of her diving in
and then under the pile looking for goodness-knows-what.


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Sign o’ the times

Just a quick post, I know you’re about to fall over to see me blogging on a Sunday. But.

Yesterday we went out to Hunky’s Mom’s house to celebrate a couple family birthdays. When we walked in, the first thing we saw was this…


This means YOU, bub.


Do NOT test her on this. She WILL beat you with Hot Wheels track.

I love that she had to do that. It makes me proud of our family.

Later, we were discussing music and I went to
Google some lyrics real quick to figure out the name of a song.081025_203746.jpg
Have I mentioned that my dog has some serious attachment issues?

VERY SERIOUS attachment issues.
Perhaps, Certainly, some separation anxiety as well.

Then the boys and their cousin tried to take on the old man.
Elli and Cindy get all kinds of worried when they ‘wrassle’.
You can imagine the noise and the house shaking.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go apply some Ben-Gay to my husband’s back. *pointed look*

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. (Oh my gosh, what IS that SMELL?!)