Mama’s got some new babies

I went to KS over the weekend to do a photo shoot and somehow ended up coming home with two new babies!

Two baby chickens on a white stool
The one on your left is a red sex link and the one on the right is a black laced wyandotte. (click to embiggen)
Sooooo, they haven’t named themselves yet, but we have a theme of naming them after favorite TV show characters.

black laced wyandotte chick
This baby girl is fancier and a little more skittish than her sister. (click to embiggen)
red sex link pullet
This baby girl’s breed is a little more common, and she’s braver than her sister. (click to embiggen)
red sex link pullet standing on a tonka dump truck
She seems to think she’s Italics. (click to embiggen)
On the way home, Jess and I were being shitheads and trolling Tom.

I’m such a turd.

I let it go on a couple hours.

Did I mention he teases me and picks on me A LOT? For nigh unto 22 YEARS?!

What’s good for the rooster…

I mean, goose. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.