Looky, Mom, what I did!

So maybe it doesn’t look like much, but I designed it, I bought the materials, I brought them home, I cut the wood, and I put it together. Tom didn’t lay a finger on it. He used that finger to point and laugh when the math made my head explode, and I used my finger to flip him off. And then he backpedalled frantically and flattered me shamefully to curry sexual favors. It worked.

Kizzle helped provide extra hands/muscle and strong moral support. She basically did what I told her to do, just like a good non-practicing lesbian lovah should.

p.s. I hate when people say “flick him off” instead of the correct usage “flip him off.” If you’re going to “flick him off,” you’re using your thumbnail and index fingernail to project mucus matter in his general direction, and ideally, make your target of the middle of his forehead successfully. Okay, NOW I’m done.

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