Flood ’08: Chapter The Last

Just got back from a week in Michigan visiting my seester and mom. We rode horses, grilled out almost every meal, drank our weight in beer, sat beside the bonfire and talked and laughed until we almost barfed. I’ve got all the pictures transferred to computer, but still have to get all the losers deleted and then the winners uploaded to flickr. I took 113 with the point-n-shoot and 125 with the fancy-shmancy camera, but I don’t take pictures like a normal person. I’m one of those weirdoes that might take five pictures of the same damn thing at all different angles and then save one winner out of all of them. Or worse, save all five, make you look at all of them, demand that you compare them AND notice the minute differences, AND get just as excited as me about it. Yeah, I’m all about the people skills.

I’ve come home to a full To Do Or Die List and almost 300 unread in my Google Reader, and I’m all sorts of excited on getting these pics up on a blog post to share with you. Calgon, take me away.

Last set of Flood Aftermath pics I’ve taken. I want to sincerely thank you all for looking through my Cedar Rapids Flood ’08 pictures and walk along beside me as I try to wrap my mind around the damage and devastation done to my town.

A refresher on buzzing quickly through a set in flickr:

This set was taken 06/30/2008 Czech Village, Time Check, and Ellis Blvd. Click on, people.

Beauty From Ashes

Sign of the Times

Comfort Left Behind

Mr. Skeleton has a cleaning mask on.
Whoever did this had the right idea.
After you’re done crying, try to laugh a little.

Current force even brought up bolts out of cement and bent the heavy metal

Houseboats off Ellis

Click here to help. And you don’t even have to be from ’round these parts to make a difference. You know you wanna. Everybody’s doing it. If you loved me, you’d let me. I bought dinner.

Whoof. I just went from trying to get you to help to trying to get you in bed. What a hussy.