Maybe I’d just buy the whole damn Schaumberg store.

I’m so ridiculously behind in Google Reader; almost 300 unread. Granted, a great many of those may be LOLcats and other quickies, but I may be a little light on the comments so I can catch up. It’s because I want to keep read up on y’all.

I took more flood aftermath pics on Saturday morning before we left for Chicago. We went out for BritSis2’s engagement party and then Sunday we went to Ikea. *throws an “Ikea Five” at BritSis1 and snaps* I finally got to take Hunky to Ikea. Dragged his wailing ass in kicking, screaming, and begging for mercy like a little girl. But within a half hour, I had him discussing countertops and dreaming what we’d do if we won the Powerball.

The Fabulous BritSisters, BritSis1’s friend, and moi lunching at the Ikea cafe.

Last night I finished Between, Georgia. I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. I laughed out loud, I gasped and yelled “NOOOOOO!”, I almost cried. It. Was. HAWSUM. Oh, and did I mention I liked it? Because I rillyrilly did.

After taking pics of depressing flood aftermath for an hour and a half, I found these adorable little guys waving me over. They were just a few yards away from what would have been the water line and all the damage.

Alright, I’ll have flood aftermath pics up ASAP. Peace out, homies.