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I got another Blog of the Day Award! Whoo hooooo! Thanks to whoever (whomever?) nominated me! That made my day, and believe you me, I needed it!

I went into work on Tuesday and got the email that my contract was up and I was out the door by 8.15am. It had actually expired last Friday, but what with all the confusion created for workplaces all over Cedar Rapids by the flood, people had forgotten to tell me the contract wasn’t re-upped until Tuesday morning. The temp agency was located downtown and flooded out, and the company was closed because road closures made it next to impossible to get there. So I was a little shell-shocked because I thought they’d re-up another four weeks like they have since February. I should have seen it though because the week before there was hardly any work and Monday we ran out of work two hours before end of shift. So the temp agency is looking for my next gig. Graphic designer positions, especially graphic designers who learned web on GoLive instead of DreamWeaver, remain few and far between. I still check the job postings all over the ‘net every day while I rub a chicken and stick pins in my rabbit’s foot.

I came home from work Tuesday morning and was all, what now? I rounded up the boys and we raked the backyard. I bribed them with a promise to dig in the dirt once the raking was done. My backyard’s got a bunch of bare ground here and there, so I showed Dino how to break up the soil and put down grass patch. Then I showed Rocky how to plant new bushes, one raspberry and one blackberry. I just set them loose and you can just imagine how well the idea of dirt-digging and watering went over. Dino was SO proud of putting in a grass patch, and Rocky named the bushes Chandler and Joey.

Right before the flood hit, Edgrr my beloved iMac, went into a coma. For about a week before, he was acting weird, just turning off randomly and then when you tried to reboot, he’d balk like a donkey. He’d turn on, he’d yell “BONG” (all you groovy Mac people know what I’m talking about) and then turn off. After six or seven rounds of that, he’d finally make it all the way up, only to turn off later with no warning whatsoever. Then finally, he wouldn’t even try to turn on, not even a gray apple and a “BONG.” So he sat here in a coma until businesses started opening back up, and he went to the computer hospital. He got a power supply transplant, and $158 later, he came home, and I just turned him on for the first time this morning. It really sucked trying to do those last few posts on Hunky’s laptop because I didn’t have all the applications I was used to, and no scanning software either so I couldn’t even do my Father’s Day post. Hopefully, my daddy won’t mind a belated tribute.

Things are getting back to sort of semi-normal around the city as people are gradually let back into their homes and businesses to start cleaning. HunkyDory is going out tonight to take pictures. It’s great shooting from the back of the bike, and Hunky likes any excuse to take a ride. We’re still under water conservation efforts as our water treatment plants are not all back up yet. So we aren’t supposed to use water unless absolutely necessary. At first, we were told not to flush toilets (EW!) and no showers, no dishwashers, no laundry, no car washes, and no sprinklers. Now we can flush toilets (Thank God!) and shower every other day. Traffic is still pretty bad. The power isn’t all back up downtown, so a bunch of the traffic lights don’t work, and you have to treat every intersection like a stop sign. A lot of roads are still barricaded, which means multiple detours. I-380 still moves at approximately 25mph, which feels roughly equivalent to the speed of erosion when you’re used to going 60-70mph.

A couple weeks ago, HunkyDory was out running errands. We stopped at Cedar Rapids Hearing Center for a new hearing-aid-cleaner-outer-thingy. The lady at the front desk had a really cool ivy, and when she left the room, I whispered to Hunky “Break off a piece of that ivy for me.”
He stage-whispered back “No, you ask for it properly.”
My ironclad logical reply was, “I don’t want to. DO IT, MAN.”
Just then she came back in with my thingy, and Hunky tattled on me. Hmph. But she laughed and gave me a small piece of the ivy. It was so tiny, I wasn’t sure that it would grow roots, but it’s a tough little booger.

May 24th


I just love grow-y-thingies. And the highly technical term “thingy.” It works for me.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. I’m all up outta dis beeyotch, yo.