Cedar Rapids Flood ’08

Last Tuesday (6/10), we started hearing the flood warnings.

Last Wednesday (6/11), I had to take a bunch of detours to get to work and they started evacuating people. Right after work, we were sitting outside my house and talking about the flood warning; wondering how bad it would get. The forecast was that it would be worse than the flood in 1993. Then 3 fire trucks, 12 cop cars, a huge mobile command center, and 10 Nat’l Guard humvees flew by.

Thursday (6/12), roads were closed all over the place and I called into work because I couldn’t figure out a route to get there. We went downtown around 11 and the water was rising rapidly. We went to try to run a couple errands and came back around 1pm. The corner I had been standing on at 11 was covered and the water’s edge was about 20 feet farther up the street. There were lots of people downtown, many sandbagging, but most just there to see the water. There were a few of us with cameras. We went into a parkade and then up into the skywalks so I could take pictures. Then we came back down and we went to that same initial spot and the water’s edge had moved several more feet. The Nat’l Guard came in and started clearing the area that evening.

How do you forget you parked your car in a flood?

This is our DHS office

Corner of 3rd St SE and 4th Av – there’s monthly parking available, hurry up and
get your sticker! That’s an electrical thingy hanging open there.

See how strong the flood current was

We saw quite a few boats come through as people were
checking out their businesses and making sure everyone was out safely

Anybody missing an office chair?

I used to work here a looong time ago. It’s the old MCI 323 building.
They were trying to pump out the water and had to abandon the building quickly,
probably because the waters were rising much faster than anticipated.

No parking here, don’t even think about it

The Paramount Theatre

The bus station

Notice how close the water is to the 7′ Clearance sign.
Anybody missing an end table?

Obviously the Freedom Festival is canceled this year

Helicopters kept us up to speed through the week
with aerial views to show progress of water level

The water was moving so fast, these barrels marked the water’s edge maybe an hour before

We were standing on that corner two hours earlier.
If you’re thinking, what corner, click and see the note in flickr

The railings almost covered by our court house

Hunky surveying the damage

Wave to Mah Kizzle

The Nat’l Guard rolls in and starts upping security

Yes, it’s me for a change. Rarely am I on the other end of the camera.
Hunky was all, what do I do? and I was all, push the damn button.

Here’s the whole set from that day – I figured out ‘add note’ so if you hover over a photo, you might see a note.

Friday (6/13), the water surged. A whole bunch of workplaces closed, including mine.They had the whole perimeter blocked off, and cops and Nat’l Guard at each barricade. Since security was as high as the water, the only pictures I could get were off I-380 or from in front of barricades.

Traffic SuuUUuuckedLaw enforcement declared that the third lane was for emergency personnel only, so of course, you had the village idiots using that lane when they ran out of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. And people were unnecessarily going 20mph in a 60mph zone so they could gawk. Which is fine when you’re trying to take pictures for blog fodder, but infuriating when it’s 5:55am, you’re almost late to work, and you haven’t had your Mt Dew yet.

Quaker Oats underwater

That ain’t right

I didn’t realize this until I saw another picture from the other side,
but those are a whole bunch of houseboats from Ellis bunched up against the bridge

Rescue boats


Off the highway, couldn’t get very close. Thank you, telephoto lens.

Residential neighborhood underwater

J Street

Oh, not good, not good at all. Yikes.

Aw, man, Chappy’s Safari. I loved that bar.

Oh, Dairy Queen.

Now the railings of the court house are covered

The Crunch Berry Tree

A friend’s house in the Rompot neighborhood

Here’s the whole set from that day

Then Sunday (6/15), I took this video from I-380N from the back of Hunky’s bike. So I should probably hand out barf bags at this point.

So there ya go… Cedar Rapids Flood ’08 coverage from your very own Dory.

And I’m spent. *collapses*

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