Row, Row, Row Your Truck, gently down the streeeeet.

I want to share some pics from the St. Louis weekend, but a little more pressing is the flooding here in Cedar Rapids.

Me and Mah Kizzle ventured down just a little ways from my house to near Czech Village, one of two areas in Cedar Rapids under immediate danger, the other being Ellis Blvd.

12th Av from McCarthy

looking towards Czech Village from 8th Av

8th Av and maybe 3rd?

looking towards Cedar River downtown

Then on the way back home, we were chancing some of the flooded streets because we were all brave in the truck and I got all wet as we went through one intersection and I couldn’t get the window up in time. 🙂

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Further updates as events warrant.

4 thoughts on “Row, Row, Row Your Truck, gently down the streeeeet.

  1. That was some funny shit right there, she didn’t mention she was shreeking as well as trying to shut the window. Geez i was only going 30 or so thru flood water, it was ONLY up over the roof! Fun times! 🙂

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