Pity Party, Party of One; Pity Party, Party of One… Your Table is Ready.

Did you miss me?

Nine days since I updated? That’s so unlike me. I’ve been fighting a fairly serious attitude problem that probably has a lot to do with hormones. But I’m proud to say that when you google “PMSy”, yours truly is still the top hit.

I’ve got to kill this negativity.

I’m so bored with my job. I’m lucky to have a job. I at least get to use Photoshop and Illustrator every day. I love being able to listen to my podcasts all day.

I hate dressing up every day. I’m lucky to have dress clothes.

I hate that we’re not a dual full time income family. I’m lucky that my husband is ambitious enough to do something about his dissatisfaction with his career and pursue a totally new vocation.

I hate that it will still be two years or even more until he gets his Masters and a full time job. When I look back after it’s over, it will seem like the time flew by.

I’ve got to quit looking at my life as a season to get through and enjoy where I am right now.

In other pathetically horrible segueways, we have a new addition to our family.

Tom did some chrome-horse tradin’. Last night, he traded the bike that he broke last year for a Yamaha Virago.

Inventory: The broken Yamaha Venture has a new home. We have the new addition Yamaha Virago. We have two Honda Interceptors that, once Tom integrates them, will be one Honda Interceptor no longer afflicted with Multiple Personality Disorder. We have the Sportster that Tom has been riding that will go back to its home soon. We lent Mama to a friend so she could get a little exercise. So we’ve went down from five motorcycles to three. I just might be able to park my car in my garage this winter.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Stop and smell the roses, even if they’re growing in ankle-deep crap. Just close your eyes and bury your whole nose in that gorgeous bloom and breathe as deep as you possibly can. Repeat as needed.

4 thoughts on “Pity Party, Party of One; Pity Party, Party of One… Your Table is Ready.

  1. hey, woman…it will ok. I didn’t think i could get a break either. But remember everything happens for a reason. Luv you wuhhmaaaan!

    Oh and tell pretty boy that i really do like his new horsey. Very nice, im sure i will get the grand tour of it soon. lol

    Now knock all that negativity off!!!!! Don’t make me kick your ass woman!

  2. Life sucks sometimes, then it gets better… just keep waiting cos it will be worth it. PMS is the pitts. Just you wait for MENOPAUSE.. it’s even WORSE. Sucks to be a girl sometimes.

  3. At times like these we can count on Dr. Who for words of wisdom:

    “Which would you rather do? Spend your whole life working, eating, sleeping and watching telly – or would you rather DO something?”

    Read: make a difference.

    Hunkster is DOing something! Yeay Hunk! In 24 short months when he’s done learning to DO, it’ll be your turn to DO!

    In the meantime, don’t let yourself get caught up in the DOO-DOO, Sista. :o)

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