If you loved me, you’d let me.

Back in ’04-’06 I was addicted to “Starting Over”. Does anyone else remember this show? It was an hour-long reality show on five days a week that put six women at a time in sort of a combination halfway house and in/out patient psychiatric ward. They had a psychiatrist and two therapists (life coaches) on staff who would help the women, well, Start Over. The women and their life coaches had a group therapy every day as well as individual sessions almost every day. It was like crack wrapped in Xtasy for me. I had my VCR programmed to tape “Starting Over” every day. One day in group, they talked about moms. One of the life coaches, Iyanla, asked all the women these questions. There were of course some negative answers, but there were some positive ones too. Here’s the questions Iyanla asked. Ponder them for awhile. Tawk amongst yo’ahselves.

What is unique… special… important… about our relationship with our mother?

When I was a little girl, I really wish my mother had….

When I was a little girl, my mother never…

When I was a little girl, my mother always…

The one thing I need to say to my mother is…

What I think would be super-groovy is for you to answer these questions on your blog with me on Mother’s Day on May 11 as a tribute your mom. Throw some pictures up while you’re at it. Email me if you’re going to do it, and then I’ll email everyone a list of participants to put at the end of your post that day. It’ll be like, linky love smeared all over the intarwebs like jello on a transvestite midget wrestler. C’mon, you know you wanna.

Everybody’s doing it.

4 thoughts on “If you loved me, you’d let me.

  1. Oh, you throw down the challenge…but my mom reads my blog (like every six months, but then she goes back and reads everything), and she never understands what I mean about anything and pretty much just corrects me on things that don’t matter (“You really think his name was Frederico? It was Frederic!”), so, honey, there ain’t no way I’m opening myself up for my mom’s responses to these provocative openings.

    I’m sceert of my mom that way.

  2. I just read jocelyn’s comments – and I totally understand what she means. My mom does the same thing and challenges me on anything too. I get comments like “I don’t feel I know you”, “you like alcohol, don’t you?” etc etc… the question is, is it worth it? As I say, if i can think of answers, I’ll post!

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