Edit and Apology

It’s come to my attention that people in my family were offended by this post.

I’m sorry that I offended you. That was not my intention.

You were also not happy that I deleted the comment. I did it because my husband told me to. I can’t undelete it, but I’ll put it back up.

“Well I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope your kids don’t get into “trouble” in the future and someone has to help them out. At least if they do it isn’t spread all over the country. And they’re called names,by another side of the family. She (“Trouble2”) went to court, so your house is safe. They (“Trouble & Trouble2) are doing fine now. Getting things straightened around and back to normal. They will be instructed to only have people from “our” side of the family help them if anything like this happens again. I’ll just have to come home and handle it myself. Sorry for the inconvenience and sorry to worry you so.
Thanks again,

I was not saying that my side of the family is better than Hunky’s side. When I referred to Hunky’s side of the family, I was referencing geographical location. Hunky’s side is here in Iowa, and my side are in Michigan and Missouri. I was setting up the story’s location here at home in Iowa.

I did not “called names”. I called the people Trouble and Trouble2 because they were In Trouble, not because they Were Trouble and also to keep their actual identity private.

I was happy to help my family, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Now, for my part, I’m hurt that you would actually think that I would even be capable of such superior, self-centered, insensitive way of thinking. I wish you could have given me the benefit of the doubt. After you’ve known me for almost 15 years, it’s too bad you have such a low opinion of my character.

It is hard to apologize to you when what you wrote I found hurtful and sarcastic, but I am indeed sincerely sorry that I offended you anyway. I have edited the post according to your points.

If anyone is ever offended by anything I write here, I would like to encourage you to send me a personal email so I may explain myself and/or make amends.


4 thoughts on “Edit and Apology

  1. I’ve had the crying phone call after something I wrote got taken COMPLETELY the wrong way. I felt horrible, and I also wished that I had been given at least a little benefit of the doubt.

    Then again, it is your life, and your words, and you know how you meant them. And you clearly didn’t mean anything bad by this – neither did I, in my offending post. Maybe it will just serve to make us better writers. Or something. Either way, sorry you got misunderstood. That always sucks. And for what it’s worth, from everything I’ve ever read here, you sound like the type of gal who would happily drive across the COUNTRY to help a friend or family member. You were just recounting the story.

  2. Look here, girl. You wrote NOTHING that you should be ashamed of. NOTHING. And who was there to help them when they needed it? So you splashed it “ALL OVER THE COUNTRY?” Wow, your blog is popular then. Mayhap you can send some traffic MY way.

    But then again, what do the people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY know? That you helped out two young people whose NAMES YOU CHANGED, rather than posting their real ones? And how will people ALL OVER THE COUNTRY distinguish them from YOUR SIDE OF THE FAMILY? I believe you referred to them as “MY FAMILY”.

    Wow, you bitch. How could you be so cruel?

    When I come to live as your lesbian lover, can we never ever talk to UNGRATEFUL people? No matter whose family they happen to be in?

    I love you, honey. Fuck the rest of ’em…

  3. Hopefully the people who were offended love your writing enough to check into your blog to check out your apology. You’re not the only one who has posts taken the wrong way. Quite frankly, the fact you were there bailing them out speaks to your character – and they need to get a life. Not to point out the obvious – BUT THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE:) If they weren’t in “trouble” then they wouldn’t be the subject of a story. Keep up the good work…they’ll get over it – especially when they need your help again.

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