WARNING: Near toxic levels of permeating cuteness. Usage of Hazmat suits strongly encouraged.

I have a new niece! She arrived Tuesday at 1:59pm and was 7 lbs 7 ozs and 20 inches long.

My brother, proud new papa.

I went to six different stores to get a toy shotgun for him. Every new father of a baby girl needs a shotgun to intimidate potential suitors.

Meet my sister-in-law, Winces With Pain.

Meet my niece, Rules With Soul-piercing Wail

*dissolves into a pile of baby gibberish*

*falls over in a dead faint*

Mazel Tov, guys! Look what you an’ God made! (Ok, we’re not Jewish, but ‘mazel tov’ is fun to say.)

9 thoughts on “WARNING: Near toxic levels of permeating cuteness. Usage of Hazmat suits strongly encouraged.

  1. Congrats on the arrival of a gorgeous neice…. she’s easily ALMOST as beautiful and my new granddaughter Rena, born last weekend!

  2. Arrrrgh– Just what i needed to get over my baby wantin’ phase. Oh well, guess I gotta get knocked up now!

    CUUUUUTE! OMG- I wanna just nibble her up!

  3. What an utter sweetie!

    No I hadn’t heard of Peeps I checked out the site you gave me a link to. Thanks- very cute. I don’t know of any patterns for them. Sorry.

    Thanks also for sharing the bad as well as the good. So many times us bloggers only share the good -it’s so easy to compare your life and think it’s seriously bad. It sounded to me like your body was undergoing addiction withdrawal so dealing with 2 squabbling lads was too much at that time. Heck if you’re rich you can check in to somewhere and be waited on hand and foot while you go through it. Please don’t beat yourself up or give in to those confidence sapping inner voices.

  4. I am so glad to see the pics. Thank god she looks like sarah. LOL. You are going to be a great aunt again. Who else is there to better give advice. 🙂

  5. Great picture and congrats to everyone. And I loved your Native American style name captions!

    She is too cute. Suddenly being violently nauseous – like I am right now – doesn’t seem so bad when I have this to look forward to!

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