This one’s for mah peeps.

Chillin’ wid mah peeps

Givin’ a shoutout to mah peeps

Down wid mah peeps

Hangin’ wid mah peeps

That blur is Elli doin’ some good Jack Russell jumpin’ fer a peep

Happy Easter Everyone!
p.s. Be vewy vewy qwiet… Ahm huntin’ wabbits.

11 thoughts on “This one’s for mah peeps.

  1. NIIIIIIICE, LMAO @ the pic of Pretty boy hangin on the door! He’s such a good sport when it comes to makin peeps laugh!

  2. 1) Good to see some Olympic-grade silliness being employed here. It’s one of the nest tonics there is.

    2) Good to see Tom’s still around. Things have been so quiet over at Dark and Scary we were beginning to think you’d buried him in the yard….

  3. Those poor abused peeps. I’m telling the Easter Bunny on you.

    I have a quote for you…since you turned off comments on that other post and gawd knows I can’t bite my tongue.

    “Our houses are never going to get fixed up just right and stay that way. Our children’s crises are never going to be solved and stay solved. Our bodies are never going to get how we want them to be and then we can stop taking care of them. It’s not going to happen. We can stop investing in these old illusions.” Anne Wilson Schaef.

    It comes from her book Women Who Do To Much. I haven’t looked into the book, but the title itself sounds interesting.

    BTW, it’s rare a day goes by that I don’t yell at the kids either. Isn’t that like a requirement of motherhood? 1. Get stretch marks. 2. Yell at kids. That’s what was in my contract??

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  5. Hi peeps- I glad I be chillen’ with ye!

    Gawd- your man is cute. Tell my mazase to be growing a little flavor saver. 😀

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