I’ll take ‘pointless questions’ for $100

If you could buy more time in your day, how much per minute would you be willing to pay for it? What if you could cash in your time? How much would you be willing to take per minute? How many minutes would you be wiilling to buy or sell? Let's assume everyone else gets a regular 24 hour day, and can't buy or sell their time.

3 thoughts on “I’ll take ‘pointless questions’ for $100

  1. Well, according to good old Albert, time is an illusion.

    and since I only get 24 hours and can’t buy or sell it, I expect my $100 check in the mail.

  2. When asked, “Which would you rather have, more time or more money?” my answer is money.

    So it looks like I’m screwed. ::sigh::

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