A Bedtime Story starring Aunt Flickr and some carousing gypsies.


This only works if you’re one of my contacts and I’ve marked you as family. And it won’t work for any in the Photography Portfolio Set. Sorry, Charlie.

Chapter 1
In Which I Show My Friends and Family
How To Go to Flickr and Order Prints.

Flickr will mail them or have them hot and fresh at your closest Target in an hour, whatever your heart desires.

Ok, we start out on my flickr page.

Now, I’m’a click on the Midland Set.

And here’s where I land…

See there where it says “Prints & More”? Click there, and then “Order Prints”. It’ll bring up thumbnails you can check and uncheck to order the ones you want. Best if you want to order a whole slew of them in a hurry.

Or… OR… Order just that one. Click on that one of The Seester.

See there where it says “4xD Prints”? Don’t click there. It’s some fruity size that the gypsies made up as they danced drunk around the campfire. No, see what you want to do is click is “More Options…

See now, that’s better. 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10. No more drunk gypsies. Well, they’re still there, just farther down the list, laying low and sleeping it off.

Chapter 2
In Which I Show My Friends and Family
How To Go to Flickr and Get High Res Files of My Pics

You little control freak you! What, my Target’s not good enough for you?! You’re going to save them to your computer so you can print them somewhere else like *gasp* WalFart, aren’t you?! Don’t you know they use little children from Third World Countries slaving in sweatshops to make anything with that Rollback Guy on it?

Ah, well; I shall indulge you, I suppose.
See the little magnifying glass with the plus in the middle and “All Sizes”? Yeah, click that.

And here’s where you land. A virtual smorgasboard of RGB pixels and megabytes and sizes and choices! And NO carbs or calories!

And why is my sister holding up brown bead garland and wearing a feather boa? Ah, that’s a story for another day. At a bar with a round of jello shots.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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  1. Thank you for this! However, since I haven’t printed pics off in AGES with no scrappy time, I am unsure of which onces are going to be blurry and which ones are fine. ugh. I suppose I’ll have to delete many and then order. I’m so not picture printing savy such as you are. BTW I sent a package to Dino. He should be getting in on Monday. I’ll be the fav aunt once again! -T-

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