In which I become Gainfully Employed; not near as much fun as one might think.

Yep, I’ve rejoined the rat race.

And… AND… I’m a temp. Doing data entry. I’m looking at the data on the paper, and typing it into the computer. Times infinity frickin’ squared.

It’s like watching a video demonstration of How To Watch Paint Dry For Fun And Profit.

The ADD lobe of my brain is screaming and wailing a rancorous lament.

This new pastime is going to cut into my valuable blogging time. I’m a little bitter.

I have 3 or 4 posts that are still cookin’ and I might be able to knock one of them out this weekend. But rest assured that although you may not see as many comments from The Dory on your blog, I am certainly keeping up with all of you.

BTW? Kids have winter break? WTH is that? We have Spring Break around here in March for a week, is that the same thing or do you have both? Goodness gracious, the kids cooped up for a week in the house in the winter? Who thought that dreaded torture up? Probably some sadomasochist. Although if it is both, Dory feels your pain, as we have had like, a jettikillion snow days and somehow I managed to pull through them somewhat unscathed. The walls now have dents in them that were inflicted by the boys literally bouncing off the walls.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I am very thankful that HunkyDory can start digging themselves out of the canyon of debt that they’re in. I just wish I could, like, not want to inject taco sauce into my eyeballs with a 28 gauge needle while I’m at it. And did you know that 5am does actually exist?!?! I find myself having to rise before the chickens and the butt-crack of dawn. I forgot 5am, and it is with sour remembrance that 5am bitch-slaps me semi-conscious. And reminds me for the rest of the day that I am, indeed, her bitch.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dudes. Make sure you grab your travel mug full of coffee for the trip.

7 thoughts on “In which I become Gainfully Employed; not near as much fun as one might think.

  1. Awwww Dory… I do feel sorry for you and your early morning hours! I will somewhat think of you each morning.. as my alarm starts to go off at 5.. and again will think of you at 6 when i crawl outta bed! LOL.. Congrats on the job tho..

  2. I know your pain, as you know i had to go back to a job i did along time ago. But it’s not too bad and like you said money is goooood. I have to say tho, i have seen 5am way too many times lately and it wasn’t on the getting up part, but going to bed. LOL. At least i can wait til around 6 or 6:15 to get up. We bums had to get jobs again ya know. Sucks ass!

  3. Tom will be referring to himself in the third person today, just so you know…

    Tom would just like to say that he, for one, is incredibly blessed and grateful that you get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to a job that you hate. Tom knows how much Dory hates it and appreciates that Dory only does it because Dory feels a certain familial responsibility. Tom is down wit dat. Tom loves Dory for this.

  4. Empoyed and getting paid for it? Attagirl!

    Earning money by pimping your typing skilz? Still attagirl!

    Hating it? *sincere sad face* I’m sorry honey.

    What? Tom is now doing half the child-rearing and housework? Excellent!

  5. Glad you were able to land the typing job. I did that 3rd shift a mom’s factory once, remember?? I found that I talked to myself more because I was stuck in room with 5 old men engineers, starring for 8 hours at the wall in front of my desk, and not able to get over the fact that my boss thought music was the devil OR that AWFUL smell of Voltek foam. EW! congrats though. -T-

  6. I have been seeing 5 am rather a lot lately, however from the other side. we have been staying up until about 6 am lately. Hubby works swing, so he gets home at about 11:30 pm or 12:30 am if he is working over time.
    I also need to find work, probably typing, but being gone while his home and home while he is gone doesn’t appeal to me.

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