Happy Sappy Stupid Made-up Hallmark Holiday!

p.s. Alright, Daddy, if you’re reading this, remember two things… One, at the stroke of 10pm, HunkyDory’s bedroom turns into a 1950s black and white sitcom complete with two twin beds with pajamas laid out on them. Full top and bottom on His and a long flannel nightgown that buttons up to the adam’s apple on Hers. And Two, the fact that my sense of humor has such a desert-dry sarcastic quality to it is all your fault. Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. But be careful you don’t wipe out on those crushed candy conversation hearts all over the ground.

8 thoughts on “Happy Sappy Stupid Made-up Hallmark Holiday!

  1. OMG… that like totally priceless!!!!!!! Tho im trying to picture your room turning into a black and white sitcom.. that may take me some time!!!! I will get back to ya when i have that image!

  2. *Blink blink*

    *Blink blink*

    OMG!! For a second there I thought you actually loved me, but that last line proved me wrong!

    Happy VD! You at least can make me laugh out loud, and you don’t even need spandex.

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