That’s some smokin’ hot lovin’ now, baby.

In case you’re reading this in a reader… I’m sportin’ me some new blog bling!

I was at lunch today and my ppc told me I had a new email and when I read it, I actually jumped out of my chair a little and did the fish face!

Thanks for nominating me!

4 thoughts on “That’s some smokin’ hot lovin’ now, baby.

  1. Your very welcome, like i said you deserved it! Congrats again! *and for people that don’t believe her….she really did about jump out of her chair. She made quite the screek too and then the face was priceless. It was the same look she has in that old photo in the metal tub.* LOL, it was really funny.

  2. The last time that I remember that she made that fish face was when I proposed some 13 years ago. She knew I was gonna, but she didn’t know when.

    Apparently, bling of any kind makes her do that fish face thing, whether it’s diamonds or BOTD bling.

    BOTD bling would have been cheaper… Who knew?

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