Top 10 Signs That Dory is PMSy

  1. I go from my normal one or two meals a day to seven or eight. Plus snacks.
  2. I go from my normal half-pack a day to chain-smoking two-handed.
  3. I have some chocolate covered in chocolate with a side of chocolate with chocolate on top.
  4. Hunky gets at least two zits. Usually one on the side of the nose, and a unicorn-zit.
  5. The boys start using the title “Ma’am” and speaking to me from doorways, far out of striking distance.
  6. Certain TV commercials make me cry, as well as most blog posts, some emails, and dire crisis like discovering we’re out of hot cocoa/creamer.
  7. I realize my thoughts may be running on the Dark Side, counter with trying to count my blessings, and end up counting Past Due notices.
  8. I work on my list for items to take with us when we have to sleep at the shelter Hunky works at.
  9. Left to my own devices, I take on the sleeping patterns of a narcoleptic cat.
  10. I resort to blogging Top Ten lists.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Signs That Dory is PMSy

  1. All I want during that time is chocolate-covered French fries. I’ve never eaten chocolate covered French-fries, but that doesn’t matter. I WANT them!

    They don’t call this The Curse for nothing.

  2. I know I have PMS when I entertain different ways to divorce my husband and I can’t think of anything funny to say.

    And I eat alllllll day long.

  3. In the days before kids, I swear that PMS just made me crankier. Now it’s TOTAL HELL. Why? Why? Why? Oh wait, this isn’t about me, is it?

    Er, PMS sucks. If I could, I’d send you seven chocolate lave cakes.

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