I wouldn’t make it through even one elimination round of Parent Island

Finslippy had two awesome posts that you simply must partake of. First, she asked you to share your I’m a Horrible Parent moments, then she handed out awards. It. Was. Awesome. I laughed, I cried, I peed a little.

My Horrible Parent moment is in this post right below the Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. Is it totally sick and wrong that I still find this immensely amusing? Just re-reading it made me laugh all Beavis/Butthead-esque.

In other news, Birthday Gift Card + Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale = UPS man is my new best friend! Yay for properly fitting, impossibly cute, and incredibly sexy bras! Nothing like pretty new unmentionables to lift a girl’s spirit! Crap, I just mentioned my unmentionables. Dammit. Hunky, quit drooling on the unmentionables… it lacks class.

In yet other news, today my friend texted me that she’s been granted her time off request and we’re on to visit her sister in Chicago again and tolls/gas is on her. As if it wasn’t enough to spend a long weekend with my favorite Brit sisters, once again I’ll be requited with my long-distance love, Ikea. *DYES a LYTTUHL* Thank God I still have one Visa gift card left over from Christmas. Said road trip is scheduled for the weekend of 02/02/08. Or shed-yuled, depending upon if you’re the Brit Sisters or FabBoyFab OR the rest of us boring no-cool-accent-havin’ people.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Because I’m not scared to drive in (parts of!) Chicago.

4 thoughts on “I wouldn’t make it through even one elimination round of Parent Island

  1. Haha… can’t wait to see you guys! Mike is going to be surprised to see you guys! I will mention to IKEA that you will be coming… and with loads-a-money…hehe. see you soon! P.S i couldn’t be bothered to sign up so i am Anonymous… it’s rachel by the way 🙂

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