Little bit of this; little bit of that

Me and The Kizzle last night… or this morning, rather!
*laughing* I love you wuh-maaaaaaaaan!

And I still made it to church this morning! Hunky says that when he was an adult living in his parents’ house, one of their rules was, you can stay out as late as you want, but your butt better be in church, awake, the next morning. I like that rule.


I just finished Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. It was a tad disturbing. Long story short… Helen is the daughter of a whacknut 80 year old woman. She tells the stories from growing up that developed the relationship between her and her mother. While I was reading, it made me feel just a little bit crazy. I have to be careful what I read because sometimes I start to identify a little too much with the characters and after I shut the book, I still feel the emotions that the character is feeling. So no books about suicidal crack whores for me, thanks; ditto on characters afflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder!


These are our Christmas stockings. My grandma made everyone she knew this same Christmas stocking. Unfortunately, by the time Dino came along, Grandma had already taken up permanent residence in Alzheimer’s-Land. I do have her pattern though. Is there anyone out there that knows how to knit that would be able to make Dino a stocking to match ours? I’ll trade you a pretty lap-throw size quilt for your sofa!


Well, I suppose I’ve had enough fun for one day.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Word.

5 thoughts on “Little bit of this; little bit of that

  1. Looks like you two had fun. Did you _like_ it despite the fact that it was disturbing? I always learn something about writing reading her books, though I haven’t read this one yet.

  2. I read that book on my way home for Thanksgiving — and immediately gave it to my mother to read. (She had issues with her mother) I loved it — it was intense and well written. Creepy, yes. Awesome, definitely.

  3. Can I borrow it? You know, it reminds me of the stories that mom tells about being raised by gramma B. Remember the Ax story she always tells? She said growing up she felt like she was being raised by her grandmother since her dad dies so young.

  4. Hey, Phil pointed me your way… said you were looking for a knitter… ! I’ve got two blogs, check out the penny-wise knitting blog and see if I could help you out any.

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