But my fave is eggnog with a shot of Kahlua.

This is for my friend MelodyAnn

1. What’s your favorite Christmas carol?
I can’t decide between Sleigh Ride or Carol of the Bells. I love them best by The Boston Pops Orchestra.
2. Is your tree up yet? Is it real or artificial?
It went up a week after Black Friday (by the way, I consider Black Friday a holiday in and of itself). It is a fake tree, and pre-lit which I thought was going to be sooo cool. That damn thing only worked one year. The next year we got it out and one row of lights wouldn’t light up. And in addition to being a piece of crap, it’s stubborn too; Hunky, who is a Journeyman Electrician, couldn’t fix it.
3. If you could travel through time and spend Christmas day with ANY person, EVER, in the history of all time, who would you choose? Why? Let’s make it harder: It must not be a deceased loved one.
I would want to be at the first real Christmas. In a cold, nasty, stanky, Holy stable.
4. What was your best ever Christmas present?
Hunkster got me a diamond pendant necklace the first Christmas we were back together. I’ve worn it every single day since then. Honorable Mention goes to my step-brother and his wife with a card offering a couple hours of babysitting. Oh, and one year they got me candy-cane striped high-top chucks. These aren’t my faves because of dollar amount; but rather the thought that was put into them.
5. What was your worst?
I can’t remember one particular gift; but I can remember that the Christmas I was 11 sucked ass. I didn’t get anything on my wish list, anything really special or thoughtful. It’s like everyone generically asked a salesperson, “What should I get a 11 year girl? Oh yeah? Gimme one of those.” Or maybe I was just practicing being ungrateful, sullen, and angst-ridden almost-teen.
6. If you could have one thing, anything you wanted, but ONLY from 12:01 AM Christmas morning until midnight Christmas night, what would it be? Remember that it will disappear after midnight, although the memory will not. Let’s make it harder: It can NOT be time spent with a deceased loved one.
I would like the entire time completely alone with Hunky in the most beautiful, peaceful resort on earth.
7. Did/Do your kids believe in Santa?
Somewhat. Every time either of them have asked (and it hasn’t been often), I answer, “Santa is a really nice idea, isn’t he?” I don’t put any From: Santa gift tags or make a big deal about leaving anything out for Santa. I think Rocky was in third grade when he said, “No, really, mom, is he really real?” and I asked him, “What do you think?” and he said, “I think he’s a really nice idea, too.” And then I reminded him not to ruin it for his brother. HunkyDory tries to focus on what Christmas is really about. I don’t even have Santa decorations.
8. Do you watch all the cheesy Christmas shows, and if so, what is your favorite one?
I do, and have many of them on DVD! The Grinch is my favorite.
9. If you could do one great and noble thing, one act of charity and/or good will, what would it be, AND…. would you still do it if no one would ever know that it was you who did it? I expect you to be honest, here….
Cure cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease and give the drug regimen away to anyone who wanted it. I’m pretty sure I would.
10. Does your family have any special traditions for Christmas? If so, what’s your favorite one?
When I was really little, like single digits little, we stayed every Christmas Eve at my mom’s sister’s house. My uncle and older cousins would put hay out for the reindeer and after we went to sleep, they would go gather it back up so we would see that the reindeer ate the snack they put out for them.
My mom always got my sister and I new jammies and wrapped them up and let us open them on Christmas Eve so we’d have new jammies to wear that night. When I was 16, she got me some real Dr. Denton’s in my size! I kept that up with my boys. I don’t think they care about it as much as I did when I was their age, but it may mean something to them later.
Every Christmas Day before we open gifts at Hunk’s folks’ place, Dad reads the Christmas Story out of the Bible. I love that.
Also, I think we started a new tradition that we’ll continue. Two years ago, Hunky went and got Chinese take-out for dinner. Last year, he did it again and as we were passing the food around the table, I said, “Hey, didn’t we do this last year?”
Oh, and the last two years in a row on Christmas Eve, we had a stress-induced, yelling, stomping, door-slamming, me-leaving-in-a-weepy-huff fight. I informed him that should that particular tradition not make a reappearance, that makes it way more likely for him to get what he really wants for Christmas.

I’m not going to tag anyone to do this since Miss MelodyAnn didn’t really call her holiday questions a meme, but it’s good thought-provoking questions if you need something to write about!

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Leave a trail of tinsel in case you get lost.

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  1. Our tradition: eating junk cereal on Christmas morning. It was the one time of year when our parents let us eat whatever sugar coated glucose balls we wanted, and we used to get up early just to get the first bowl. Then, not to let any milk go to waste, we’d keep refilling our bowls until the milk was all soaked up.

    Good times.

    Mrs. Mustard

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