At least I don’t have binoculars and a log book.

Oh, so that’s what happened! I can dig it.

Another example of random weird quote that I plucked out of an actual conversation with Hunky:
“Oh, so cooters and sea salt rub don’t play nicely together?”
Caution: This could be a recurring feature.

I’ve been meaning to pick up some more rechargeable AA batteries because they’ve been inexplicably disappearing for quite some time now, but they’re upwards of $10 a four pack at WalFart so I’ve been putting it off. For some weird reason, seven have shown up in the last two days. People, that’s like the dryer horking all those missing socks up at once. They’re sitting here on my desk, triumphant as the welcomed prodigal son. Hmph. Weird.

And apparently today is Blog Crush Day. Quite unfortunately, but par for the course, my crush does not know I exist. Back in 2004, after watching Bob Guiney choose Estella McWhiny-Ho (and yelling a string of obscenities at the TV that would rival a seasoned construction worker), I googled “Bob and Estella” to see if Botella were still together. One of the top hits was Erin at Out of Character (she went by Estella back then). And the heavens rent and the angels sang blushed and tittered around the computer in the break room, and I was hooked. I still have her bookmarked as “i can’t even float in water this deep” as that was her tagline back then. I’ve commented on her blog a few times, but like any crush, I turn to a pathetic puddle of “Kdasf… sfxoems… wlcmd. Nsmjc.” and drool, lest the object of my crushy affection turn her cool gaze upon the geekiness that is me. Once I might have managed to actually formulate a semi-coherent comment, but it was something embarrassingly lame like “I like you You’re funny HAHAHaHahahahaha.” The closest I came to my crush was a couple months ago when she commented over at Hunky’s house. A scummy olive fog of jealous sorrow settled on me for like, minutes, but I photoshopped the Jake’s head to Erin’s body and giggled maniacally. Then I realized that, too, was completely lame-o; if I was any respectable sort of a Erin-blogstalker, I would’ve used Microsoft Paint. It is the only time since I discovered Macs in 2004 that I wished that I had a PC in the house. Why is Miss Erin my bloggy crush? I enjoy her voice, her talent for plucking a random idea out of thin air and making it absolutely hilarious, and she seems like the kind of chick that you could go out and get some beers with, and end up puking not from being drunk, but rather from laughing so much. I can’t even count the times I’ve sat here and read her blog, laughing so hard I was literally crying. Sat here with tears streaming down my face, rubbing the stitch in my side and gasping for air. There was a time when I came very close to quitting blogging because I thought I didn’t write well, because I didn’t write like her. BEG encouraged me, and I moved over from LiveJournal to Blogger to start with a clean slate. I realized that it was ok that I didn’t write like Erin, because that was her voice, not mine. Now I’ve found my voice, and most of the time I even kind of don’t mind it.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. But never let them see you sweat.

8 thoughts on “At least I don’t have binoculars and a log book.

  1. Erin can definitely make us all feel like we can’t write.
    You’re doing great.

    Blog crush day…I had no idea.
    I wouldn’t have revealed anyway.

  2. I thought it was only me that went all dunderheaded when trying to comment over there.

    And I’m not revealing my blog crush either. Well, crushes, actually. I’m a bit of a tart that way.

  3. Actually, mssjhyde, it’s possible to set up Dory’s rss feed as a “friends” feed to your friends page. I forget the exact steps, but try searching through the help files. Basically, you copy the address of her feed, set up a syndication link at LJ and subscribe to it (try searching on “syndication” in LJ help files, or bug me and I’ll look it up later)…

  4. What a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much! You are a fantastic, genuine writer, and I would hate it if you weren’t here making the internet a better, funnier place.

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