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Dory actually finished something! And I didn’t even cheat by backdating even once. So here’s my version of the celebratory blog bling. Feel free to borrow if you like. Or just point and laugh. Whatever. I haven’t posted for a few days just because I didn’t hafta, but I totally kept up with everybody else that soldiered on and didn’t take a day off. I totally heart Google Reader. Did I learn anything from NaBloPoMo? Well, my awesome bullshitting powers can be used for good as well as evil. I don’t have to be intimidated by really awesome bloggers. I can choose to be inspired instead. Will I continue to update every day? Probably not. But I’ll post more than I did before. I’m not near as askeered of the blank white box. All in all, I’m glad I did it.

I put my last ASL assignment up on YouTube, I split it into two parts. So if you know ASL, check it out if you want. Or just point and laugh. Whatever. As you’re watching and murmuring, OMG WTF? what’s with this weird chick?, remember I’ve only been at this a little over a year. So if your comment makes me cry… well, I have no serious consequences, so bring it on.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

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  1. ohforthe frickinfrackin dumbinternetanyway

    Ok, they’re fixed. I think I pasted the ’embed’ instead of the ‘url’. Biiiig difference.

  2. I used to blog every day. Now I have no idea how I did that. I think the aliens took over my brain for a while, but the naturally lazy enviroment that is my mind became impossible for them to live in.

  3. Here’s my secret: my hands are not shaped properly to sign “m”. My thumb is not long enough to do it properly.
    I have gimped hands.

    href=”http//”Mrs. Mustard

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