Ikea high five *snap*

My favorite Brit Sisters just before my pilgrimage

I totally heart Ikea.

It is the land of Tidy and Everything is Just-So.

And I hate my house a little bit. I want to live in the impossibly perfect little just-so fake rooms with the blond shelved MANDAL with underbed storage and the slick tempered glass PILBO and my DVDs would have a joyously happy home in the BESTA storage system. I'm in heart and possibly BRANEWAUSHT just a little bit.

Oh, and just a little TIPPSY. Don't worry, I'm pacing myself. *hiccup*

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

5 thoughts on “Ikea high five *snap*

  1. So so so glad you like IKEA. It’s my favourite shop. I wish my house looked like it…but it doesn’t:) The girls look fantastic – glad you had a good time!

  2. fab boy fab –
    I would certainly hope not. You are a married man.

    britchik96 –
    We did have such a good time. and CA and I had good talks to and from. She’s grown up a lot.

  3. Phew! You worried me there for a second. I just had to check that my chosen word for a non-existent Swedish self-assembly coffee table wasn’t in fact some part of the anatomy best covered up.

    It isn’t, by the way.

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