Happy friggin Thanksgiving

I had a wonderful bright and shiny Thanksgiving Day post planned complete with a happy happy joy joy mile-long list of things I am thankful for. You know me though; must inject a little Crazy into everything. Some people bring hot dishes to the Thanksgiving table. I bring The Crazy.


It's Thanksgiving Day.

It happens to fall on my most irritable, emotional day in my cycle.

I have to spend the day with a houseful of people without bursting into tears. I've already cried twice today; once when I was getting clothes out of the closet and then when the gas station was out of newspapers. Apparently, those are tears-worthy issues on Planet Crazy.

I can't watch the Packers-Lions because they don't get Fox out here. I managed to keep the tears stifled to stingy eyeballs, but it was close.

Hunky's brother's kids are beautiful and well-behaved and look like they stepped out of an Old Navy ad. My children have cute brand-new haircuts, but need pharmaceutical sedation so people won't kill them and look like the stepped out of a consignment shop.

My sis-in-law is beautiful and polished and well spoken and put together and Macy's. I am a crock-pot full of awkward and neurotic and ditzy and Kmart Blue Light Special.

There must be a news famine in these parts because there are no newspapers left in the city. Normally I wouldn't give a hairy rat's ass but today's paper has all the Black Friday ads which means my shopping strategy has been horribly crippled.

*two thumbs waaay up*

Right on track.

3 thoughts on “Happy friggin Thanksgiving

  1. Just relax, breathe and enjoy.

    I’ve gone and had roast turkey with cranberry specially today. And I’m quite a distance away. So the very least you and your folks can do is to have a great Thanksgiving.

    Don’t make me come over there!

  2. I luvs ya Dory!!!!!!! Just remember… just cuz people look happy and nice on the outside, doesn’t mean they are happier than you are or are actually better behaved. What is the fun in being behaved anyhoo?!? You are awesome the way you are woman! Hope your day goes better tomorrow, happy shopping! 🙂

  3. Have Loads of fun shopping without me..
    *insert sad face* I will miss ya’ll but hope to meet up for a quick lunch of sorts sometime tomorrow morning!

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