Mute Monday… Today’s Theme is Fashion.

Let’s face it, all the best dressed toddlers on the catwalks are sporting the peanut butter face, diaper, and daddy’s work boots.

And all the Ethiopian-lookin’ super models must wear wigs because what with all the anorexia making their hair fall out.

Look out Britney and Paris, the hubster likes to show off his unmentionables too. At least he wears some. As a side note, Mah Kizzle is into S&M apparently. Note how hard she’s pinchin’ his nipples. Can clothespins be far off? I think not. It’s a slippery slope.

And those are the only pictures in my whole collection that I could connect to “Fashion”.

“What a gyp!” “You Suck!” “Somebody call the police because we was robbed!”

I hear your cries. And you make a valid, albeit harsh, point.

I shall attempt to redeem myself. I’m going to share with you the latest literary opus from The Dinosaur.

This is the Cover. In which we are introduced to Corythosaurus (say cor-rith-o-SAW-rus). Oh, yes. You bet your boots I had to ask him for help with pronunciation.

Page 2. I asked him where he got the idea to write a Foreword in his book, and he said The Essential Calvin & Hobbes. That’s my boy. I only hope that he really does write a comic book with a Foreword with a mocking I-told-ya-so directed at his brother.

Page 3. This is the meat of the book. He didn’t have the contractions dead on, but he did use the right its/it’s. I’m so proud. And is it just me, or did Cory fart just then?

Back Page. A rockin’ logo for his comic book series. Oh yes, there are many installments. This is only Volume 10. Um, ish.

And just so The Rockstar doesn’t feel all left out…

When the boys were smallerish and did something lacking in intelligence, I would get exasperated and ask them, “Where is your brain?! Did you leave it in bed? Perhaps you should go retrieve it.” Then later, when I went beyond exasperated into Danger- Mommy’s- Head- Just- May- Explode, “Where exactly is your brain now? Is it up your butt? Perhaps you should retrieve it.” A few months later, this exchange occurred between myself and Rocky, in which he skipped a couple steps.

Me: “Where exactly is your brain?!”
R: “Apparently, it’s up my butt.”

I bit my lip and hid in the closet, laughing into a pillow. I almost peed a little. It took me about five minutes before I could recover my composure.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Totally.

3 thoughts on “Mute Monday… Today’s Theme is Fashion.

  1. LOL, very nice. I too get those pictures, stories and such from the Kid. they crack me up with the stuff they come up with. Unfortunetly i have found that our smart ass remarks always come back to bite us when they come out of our kids mouths. lol.

  2. You’re gonna make people think that I’m some sort of Transvestite. I would make a horribly ugly woman. I don’t make a terribly attractive man.
    And all the facial hair doesn’t help.

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