Cassette… CD… iPod… *bursts into song* It’s the Circle of Life…

QotD: Music-wise, what was the first 45, single or download you bought?

ToneLoc – Wild Thing on cassette, and lemme just tell ya… I thought I was all that and a bag o’ chips. Around that same time, I was skipping school more than actually showing up. I was also diggin’ on Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, Shootin’ Rubberbands at the Stars. I had just started dating The Girl Beater, and was already starting to ditch my best girlfriend to hang out with him, and she was not pleased. My parents third reconciliation was going bad, and I just wanted it to be over with. My dad had already asked me if I would live with him in town if he moved out. I didn’t get my first CD until my high school graduation party, along with a boom box with a CD player and a double cassette deck, so I could commit music piracy to my little heart’s delight. I was on Napster at 11:45pm the day it came down, my fingers smokin’ on the keyboard, furiously copying as much as I possibly could before midnight. After they took Napster down, I played with LimeWire a little, but pretty soon I quit the peer-to-peer “borrowing”. I have been paying for music since I got my first iPod in 2004. I’ll admit, I am not above borrowing a friend’s CD and importing it into my library. But I buy just as much as I borrow.

Ok, that was a QotD from 5 days ago, and today’s was… Ringtones: What’s yours and how often do you change it? Initially, I skipped it because I don’t have any ringtones. But… when people text or IM me, it vibrates like the bestseller at a Passion Party. Yet another perk of being almost deaf. I do change the Today screen on my ppc pretty often. Right now, this one is on there. Before I gave up my cell phone, “Chicken Dance” cued Nanner calling, “Pacman” belonged to Kizzle, “Super Mario Bros” meant The Seester was calling, and “Bach Minuet in G” meant Daddy was checking in. For the life of me, I can’t remember what Fiona‘s ringtone was. There’s a big surprise. The bigger surprise is that I actually remembered all the others’ ringtones.

My Packers beat the heck out of the Panthers today and that puts them at 9-1. My prediction: They’ll go to the Superbowl, they’ll win, and Brett Favre will finally retire. If they don’t, mark my words, he’ll just keep going like the Energizer Bunny, but he’ll be using a walker to get to the line of scrimmage, reeking of BenGay.

So I have my bright shiny new Shameless Comment Whore Blog Bling up… Whaddya think?! It gets top billing for a week or so, then I’ll move it down by the visitor count. Which, by the by, just broke 900! I’m such a happy little blogger! OMG, I am such a dork.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Solid.

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