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Thanks for the input on the resume, guys; I really appreciate it. 🙂

My Voc Rehab guy is going to ask advice from another Voc Rehab guy that works with all d/hoh clients. He looked over my resume packet and said it just screamed this gal knows what she’s doing and agreed that it is very weird to not have gotten an interview yet. Good meeting today. I have homework. I have to answer a bunch of questions that will show them I’m not just a psycho graphic designer dreaming she can work from home. I’m a cute psycho graphic designer dreaming she can work from home. Ha! That was funny right there. I don’t care who ya are.


Ladies and Gents, it’s time for another riveting episode of…
Funny/Strange or Funny/HaHa? Stuff People Googled to Stumble Onto My Blog!

“it’s like a superpower really”
I know, isn’t the Cloak of Stupidity grand? What with your amazingly annoying tendency to actually achieve a negative m.p.h. when you have make a turn off the busy road right in front of me, coupled with your stunning ability of being purposefully obtuse, you must be drunk with power.

Which segues oh-so-nicely to…

budlight i love you man
*stumbles and sloshes drink* I luff yew too *hiccup* maaaaan. But yew stiiiilllllll kant haf mai budlight. kthxbai.

Thanks for playing everybody! We have some wonderful parting gifts for you!


I can’t eat onions or tomatoes. Love the taste. Abhor the texture. It makes my teeth cringe. We substitute dried minced onion and tomato paste. No cut up onion or stewed tomatoes for me, thanks.


I’ve been thinking what exactly is the purpose of NaBloPoMo or NoBloMeMoFo or NotNoWhySoPo or whatever it is? My theory is to get you past what you normally write about, what you had for lunch or memes, into something outside your comfort zone. But I haven’t decided what that is yet. It’s like when your Creative Writing Teacher made you write for 15 minutes straight no stopping no matter what. I hated That Guy. I also detest the phrase “comfort zone”. It’s overused psychobabble and has lost meaning. Did you notice that when you hear a word too much, it loses meaning? What’s up with that? Is that our brain getting bored and wandering off?

Smock. Smock Smock. Smock Smock Smock Smock Smock. See? Word has lost all meaning.


Google Reader says I have 53 unread posts. 53. All you sane NoBloFoMe people, do us crazy NahNoMoFoMe people a favor and comment like your life depends on it. We’re spending too much time writing aimlessly on our blogs to have time to comment on everyone else’s. Please save us from ourselves, it’s really a mercy you’re doing us. I’ll try to make it worth your while… here’s cute blog bling. Feel free to take it and/or pass it on. Just tell ’em Dory maded it all by hursef!

And in the time it took me to make that button, upload it, and squish it here, two more unread posts. Up to 55…. 55, people. How am I supposed to get anything accomplished here? I mean, let’s face it, that Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 set isn’t going to watch itself.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

4 thoughts on “Blog Stew.

  1. ummm, LMAO. *blink blink blink* LMAO some more. Omg woman. are you not sharing your dope with me again??? Too funny tho. I specially like the dumbass drivers that seem to want to stop, crank the wheel, coast into the turn, and then after they are in front of you, they stay at snail speed. I swear you had a target on your car the other day. I want a sign for my that says do it and im gonna jump outta this car and beat your ass!

  2. “Blog Stew”…I love this title. I may borrow it sometime. I promise to return it only lightly used. Maybe folded a little at the corners, or frayed somewhere. Oh hell, who knows…

    Damn funny icon too 😉


  3. I’m tempted to give up on NoNoPoMoFo just so I can have the cool bling. It screams, “I couldn’t take it anymore!!!”

    I’m not so much for the quiet desperation. I like my desperation loud and drunk. And maybe a little vulnerable.

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