Warning: This post is witty repartee deficient.

I’m cranky.

Perhaps it’s because Deaf dinner was at Cibo tonight, and it was hugely overpriced. I mean, really, people… $34 for steak and garlic mashed potatoes?! And they had only one long table and the rest of us sat in booths adjacent. As you can imagine, this wasn’t exactly conducive to chatting, much less signing.

Perhaps it’s because right before I went to bed last night, I discovered the dog peed on my brand new frickin’ bed. So I had to strip the bed, shop vac out as much as I could, then I squirted some water all over it and shop vac’d that out, then remade the bed. I turned on the TV and this stupid infomercial destined for the Stupid Infomercial Hall of Fame was on. It was for a *ahem* male enhancement product named with a sexual innuendo. Scantily clad “reporters” out on the corners acting like they were asking complete strangers off the street if they had ever tried this product, and wonder of wonders! they had! And it was fantastic! And they were bigger! And they could go longer! and their woman was satisfied! For the love, people. Gimme a frickin’ break. Seriously… who actually buys this crap?! I suppose I could have made that really funny if I had more energy. Let’s pretend I did. It’ll be fun. Oh, and by the way, OxyClean Man? Stop yelling. It’s late. People are trying to sleep.

Perhaps it’s because I have so many open projects right now that I thought I would have finished by now. Why can’t I finish anything?! *insert tantrum here complete with stomping and yelling*

Perhaps it’s because I have sent out cold resumes and applied for at least 20 different graphic designer positions since June and I have yet to get even one interview. I have a friend who is also a graphic designer and she started applying for graphic designer positions just a few weeks ago and she has already gotten 3 interviews. We have the same degree. She has two years experience and I have 18 months experience. I know my resume looks great. I do follow up after I apply. I can’t figure out why I’m not even getting interviews. Hunky says it’s because the number on my resume and cover letter is labeled relay operator assisted and they don’t want to mess with someone who’s d/hoh. Illegal? Yes. Provable? No. Should I take the phone number off of my resume and cover letter entirely, leaving them only with an email address to contact me? What do you think? What would I do with the job sites I have my resume up at that absolutely require a phone number on the profile?

*bitching moaning complaining venting*

I have a meeting tomorrow with my Voc Rehab guy to go over a plan to set up self-employment.

Further updates as events warrant.

Rip… yadda yadda yadda…

7 thoughts on “Warning: This post is witty repartee deficient.

  1. ummm, that is alot for food! geesh. I is sorry about the job thing, wish i could help ya. but i can’t even help myself. Good luck to both of us!
    Luvs ya! 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I would try on a few resumés taking your phone number off. Just to see what happens. I really would hope that people aren’t cutting you out based on that. It doesn’t affect your ability to do your job as a graphic designer. Last I checked, computers that talk to you are just bad news.

  3. I second that, just leave off the number. If they email you for one then set it up — if they drop you then and there then you can show something’s going on, so they won’t do that. Once you get an *interview* going…

    Also, since you can talk, can you get CapTel in your area? That’s a service (free here in my state) where your land line is outfitted with a special phone, they have operetors that type out what the other party is saying, but you can talk back. That can be used invisibly.

    Can’t be done (yet) on cellphones though. Land lines only.


  4. Strange, I keep getting spam emails advertising those very same products as shown on the infomercial.

    Trouble is, it’s Katie sending them to me.

  5. I actually had more luck getting interviews when I put down my neighbor’s number and she took messages and I would call back using voice carry over on the relay.

    It stinks, but it’s hard to get around the relay– employers simply don’t like using it.

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