I heard, the worse the wedding, the better the marriage. I’m set.

For some couples, distance is key to closeness; Husband and wife find joy living apart — together

Yeah, right. And I’m sitting on my couch, but actually competing on Survivor, and I’m winning.

Married but living apart and boasting about how great the marriage is; that’s not hip or edgy or amazing, that’s cheating. Part of the reason that people celebrate 50th Anniversaries is the wonder that the couple not only is still together; it’s also that they made it 50 years without a violent homicide/suicide incident. You take living together out of the marriage equation and you’ve removed the x. Most of marriage is putting up with the day-to-day, mundane tasks and maintaining respect for each other.

It’s solving life’s problems together without detesting each other.
Who’s going to school and who’s going to work?
Where will we live?
Who’s going to do which chores?
Who’s going to stay home with sick kids?
Which set of in-laws gets us for which holidays?
Who gets the new car?
Will the spare room be a game or craft room?
Does the toilet paper go over the top or under the bottom?
These are the big questions that can make or break a marriage.

What this couple is also missing is some of the greatest perks of marriage.
Relaxing together after successfully getting the kids in bed.
The sense of accomplishment in a great compromise.
The joy of being happy to put the other’s needs above your own this time.
Being silent together while you’re reading in bed.
Whispering in the dark.
whispering in the dark.
Laying your head on their chest and listening to their heartbeat in the dead of night.
The sound of light snoring that reminds you that you’re not alone.
A warm butt to put your cold feet on in bed.
These and a multitude of other blessings are what makes marriage enjoyable.

Our Wedding

Our Marriage

The Wedding Hand Shot

The Real Life Hand Shot

I gotta scoot. Hunky’s on a rant about Tom Brady. Although I see his point… why do men and women alike seem to get stickypants when Tom Brady comes up in conversation? Why does everyone on earth think he’s so dreamy? I think aliens and butt probes and the stealth of night are involved.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude. Oh, I wonder if the aliens have a stealthy gaze?

3 thoughts on “I heard, the worse the wedding, the better the marriage. I’m set.

  1. Okay, I’m noticing that the “real life” and “wedding” hand shots feature fingernails of varying length. Any comments on how that reflects ideals versus existence?

  2. I never thought of this before, and you’re exactly right. I guess I never realized that there are that many people living apart but still considering themselves successfully married. Also, your hand photo comparison (the pile of paperwork and bills — AARRGGHH!) was an inspired idea. But you didn’t tell us — did you have a bad wedding?

    foolerys last blog post..The Two Greatest Piece of Marital Advice EVER

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