Every time you comment, an angel gets her wings.

The Story Behind the Picture

The Hunk and The Dinosaur

I took this in April ’03. 2003 was a rough year. The Hunk and I were separated. I was living at my dad’s and trying to decided if I wanted to scrap my marriage or not.

The Seester was graduating from Western Michigan University. This necessitated a week-end long trip to Michigan. Whether it was because I felt I couldn’t handle the boys on my own, or the fact that Seester really, really, wanted Hunky there — maybe it was a little bit of both — I asked him if he wanted to go with. He did, and we spent the weekend together (with the boys of course). We got a hotel room in Kalamazoo. We did the whole family hoopla, huge dinner the night before, then the graduation itself, then the party afterwards. The Seester took the boys that night, and HunkyDory had the hotel room to ourselves.

That was the weekend I started talking to him again. I left on 02/08/03, and for the next couple months, I really didn’t talk to him much at all. I was altogether too busy being angry and bitter and throwing myself a bitchin‘ pity party. But on the way to Michigan, the boys fell asleep in the back seat, and we really talked for the first time for a few hours straight. Then the night we had the room to ourselves we sat and talked for a long, long time. The next morning we left Kalamazoo. Before we drove back to Iowa, I wanted to stop out at my mom’s farm and spend some time with her. So Seester, me, Hunky, and the boys drove out to the farm. We rode horses for a couple hours and at one point, I was on the ground and Hunky was up on a horse with Dino, and I snapped this pic.

Then on the way home to Iowa, we talked the whole way. I wish I could say that I came to my senses and moved back in when we got home, but I had more tantrum throwing to do, and more stupid shit to pull before I yanked my head out of my ass. Like having a big fling, and buying a house on my own, and buying a car on my own, and having a little fling, and getting laid off and ultimately deciding to go back to college.

I think me getting laid off was the catalyst for change. It completely blindsided me, I totally did not see it coming. Then as I drove out of the parking lot of McLeodUSA, sobbing my head off, the first person I dialed, the only person that could make it all better, was my best friend. And he talked me down off the ledge and told me of course I was going to be ok; he reminded me what I had already accomplished on my own. Later, he told me that while I was on the way over to meet him, he thought about being a great big dumb jerk. Aren’t you glad he wasn’t?

Ya see there what I gave ya? A big ole happy ending. You know I love me some happy endings.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

7 thoughts on “Every time you comment, an angel gets her wings.

  1. Ok, that was a bit sappy. BUT it was a very nice story. And we are all glad you came to your senses so we could have The Pimp around. Very nice Dory!

  2. An angel gets her wings?! Really!!?
    How do we know this? I always thought that angels were androgynous.

    And that is one of my favorite pictures and that was one of my NOT favorite times.

  3. Ok I’ll comment- we all need more Angels around us. Ok then I could do with several preferably carrying pots of fresh coff each! LOL Love the happy ending.

  4. That was the night we went out and couldn’t get into Wayside — so we ended up at a bar near my apartment…and I got water ALL over myself and the dude at the next table keep smiling at me and creeping me out.
    The two of you were awesome company and I had only an inkling of a clue that you guys were separated…and I’m very glad you got back together!

    I also remember some quality time in the hotel pool with the Fuhrmann clan…good times!

    Yea for happy endings!

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