I might be able to pencil you in.

Just real quick… because I’m tired and heading to bed, even though I don’t have any real good reason to be. All I did today was read/comment blogs, play with pictures, supervise R mowing the lawn, and watch Secondhand Lions with the boys. For dinner tonight, I astounded all with a lovely Mac’r’cheese/Hot Dog ensemble. Yeah, real rough day.

Took quite a few pics yesterday. Head on over if you’re bored.

Tomorrow, busy day. Church, brunch with friends, taking pictures with a girlfriend for a few hours, then helping a friend with homework. The excitement just never stops around here. I’m sure you’re insanely jealous of my jet-setting lifestyle.

I’ve already started a list of possible blogging fodder for NaBloPoMo. Suggestions?

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

7 thoughts on “I might be able to pencil you in.

  1. The boys love the old mac-n-dog thing.
    They get it every other week or so when their mom is not around. Not that she normally does the cooking, it’s just that I can slack off when she’s not eating.
    A folder is a great idea for your blogging project. Keeps the good ideas from getting lost.

  2. I, too, have started stockpiling stuff for NaBloPoMo. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ll run out of subjects to write about around the 10th.

    Stuff needs to happen.

  3. Are they doing the NaNoBloPoMo again this year, or is this just taking off from that? I considered doing that again, but the site’s inactive.


  4. BEG–
    I googled that real quick and I see a lot of ‘2006’ references. I would say they’re not.
    p.s. my tutor today helped me gloss this post into ASL and it was the best practice I had in a long time!

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