I should have lawyered up first.

The Hunkster knows how to make me feel better. Oh, for the love…. get your mind out of the gutter, people. Stay with me here.

He took time away from his homework to say, “Grab your camera. We’ll only be away a few minutes.”

And he dragged my mopey butt outside and drove me here.

He handed me this photo op on a silver platter.

He rocks like that.

It worked. I felt a little better. Good enough to wander back out later and take these.

A few more here.

Hunky breathed a deep sigh of relief now that his parents’ 50th Anniversary Party is over. He planned for such a long time, and it went just fine. I watched his parents and thought, someday, that will be us. And also… love is a choice, every. single. day. And that we will be the only couple in our wing of the nursing home getting it on.

My 250gb external hard drive decided to quit working. Well, to be honest, it might have been the fact that when I put it on Hunk’s desk and didn’t bother to move the power cord, and he spun his chair around and it landed with a fantastic *THWACK* on the wood floor. It actually worked after that, though. It limped a little bit, but it mounted on the desktop and worked. I suppose I must admit that perhaps, perhaps, it might have been when it wouldn’t mount on the desktop later that I might have lost my temper just a little bit. I might have yelled and called it names, and maybe I pounded it with a screwdriver a little… ok, a lot. Yeah, sometimes I have some anger management issues. But I had two years worth of digital negatives on there that I hadn’t backed up to DVD yet. And Season Six of CSI. And Premonition. *shakes head* Dammit.

Rip it. Roll it. Punch it. Repeat.

8 thoughts on “I should have lawyered up first.

  1. How dare you ensnare me with nice words. I will NOT be swayed by mere words.

    Oh, who am I kidding?! I’ll do anything you want if you say nice things about me in public.

    It’s easy to be nice to you, even if you’re kinda bummed.

  2. Seriously? Those pictures rock. I have nothing that naturally beautiful to shoot out here. Just mines and more mines and rocks. Did I mention mines?

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