*Lacks the energy to come up with a witty title*

I’m slipping.

I get my meds courtesy of the drug companies. If you know anyone who has trouble affording their meds, tell them to go to www.needymeds.com. Depending on the drug, they will pre-approve you for up to a year’s worth free and send your supply to your doctor’s office every 4 months. I had about a 7 days worth of Strattera and 4 days worth of Wellbutrin left, so I called the nurse to get some more. I thought it might take only a week to come in, but it takes 7 to 10 business days.
*writes a post-it “Allow 10 days notice to get another 4 month supply” and slaps it on the monitor*
Strattera came in yesterday, just in the nick of time to make the marbles go away. One of the withdrawal effects I get is the sensation that my head is a glass jar filled with marbles. As I move my head, the marbles shift and the affect is so strong, it’s almost an audible sensation of the marbles moving and clanging together against the glass.
But I’m still waiting for the Wellbutrin.
I’m barely hanging on by oily-slick hands dangling over the fathomlessly deep black abyss, eyes wide open and betraying disinterest in the outcome. Look up ‘apathy’ in your dictionary. You’ll see a little picture of yours truly. If I could muster up the emotion, I’d be disgusted with myself. But I don’t really care enough. I don’t like giving into the nothing; I just don’t have any fight in me to resist it. Although, I suppose, this post is an half-assed attempt at flipping The Finger at the depression.

A couple days ago someone googled this search and subsequently stumbled onto my site…
“shoot I can’t remember”
Welcome to my world, dude.
Within the last hour…
“scrub doo rag sewing pattern”
Shweeet. Maybe I should actually post the pattern I made that works. Sorry, you came here and read about my success. I wouldn’t blame you for muttering, “Bitch. Now where’s the friggin’ pattern that worked?” before you wandered off to the next hit on your search.
“perverty” (and, bonus plan, the google page is in what I think is Arabic)
It’s ok. Every now and then, everyone just feels a little perverty. It doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. Unless you’ve violated an animal. Then, shame on you!

Phil is posting her WL progress on her blog; and it makes me ashamed. Here’s my fitness secrets, but just for the last few days. Don’t want to give away the farm.
Thursday –
10.30am 12 oz can of Mt Dew
1.30pm 2 Marlboro Ultralight 100
2.15pm-5.15pm nursed a 20oz bottled water
3.45pm 1 MU100
5.15pm another smoke
5.30pm half a Small DQ Pumpkin Pie Blizzard
8pm Helped Hunky haul out our old waterbed mattress and put the brand spankin’ new conventional mattress and box spring in its place. (Rent-to-own place going out of business; $40! YAY!) And that’s the extent of any real physical exertion for Thursday.
8.15pm 1 Hot Pocket Chicken Pot Pie
8.45pm 2 Oatmeal Raisin cookies and 1 10oz glass of 2% milk
Friday –
10.30am 12oz Mt Dew and 1 pkg Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls
Physical Exertion None

I know you’re impressed.

I want to make a big crock pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Chicken – check. Broth – check. Veggies – check. Mom’s homemade noodle recipe – check. BUT. What do you like to season your chicken noodle soup with?

Rip it…
*sits down on the floor and sighs*

4 thoughts on “*Lacks the energy to come up with a witty title*

  1. Aw…doesn’t seem right to see you without your usual zip & zing.

    Have you seen my chicken soup recipe? Not quite chicken noodles, but you might like it 😉

  2. I am officially in love with you. And you are now on my phone. Prepare to be texted to death.

    You are on everything but facebook. are you on facebook? why not? get on facebook. add me. let’s play scrabble.

    by the way? I’m a bit hyper this morning. but you probably can’t tell.


    Other then that…..

    sorry, of pedistol now…

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