Warning: Sugar-Coated Pet Cuteness Ahead

I thought about apologizing in advance for this shameless “I Heart My Dog” post, but it would just be insincere, so I won’t bother.

It took me 12 years to talk The Hunk into letting me have a dog. When he finally relented, I was under some pretty strong pressure. He is a completely unapologetic Cat Person, and was adamantly opposed to any foolish notion that a dog could be A Good Thing. I needn’t have worried. He’s just going to deny this later, but he baby talks to her, roughhouses with her, compliments her, and gives her almost as many treats as I do. She is a very cool, very smart little girl dog.

As Elli neared the one year birthday, HunkyDory was a little worried that The Elli was malfunctioning. She didn’t jump like a Jack Russell Terrier, and she didn’t obsess about anything sphere-shaped like a JRT. The JRT Neurons are now firing on the JRT Synapses just fine in her little JRT OCD brains. A couple months ago, her springs came in. They were apparently just back ordered. She will jump about four feet in the air from a standstill. Just within the last week, she’s figured out that The Ball is mighty fun. She can make her people throw her The Ball repeatedly. We’re trained now.
Here’s Hunky kicking her her soccer ball…

As if Elli wasn’t busy enough… This is what she came up with to amuse herself earlier this week. And it does no good to just shut the cabinet because she figured out if she pushes it with her nose, it pops open.

I just put these clips together of her doing her sign language commands. She also does “Tell Me Story” but I haven’t recorded that one yet.

I Heart My Jack Russell Terrier. What a mama’s girl.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

4 thoughts on “Warning: Sugar-Coated Pet Cuteness Ahead

  1. Aw! Looks like a real little pistol. That footage of her poking the cabinet doors open and closed is hilarious! She’s clearly looking for that adrenalin rush when it tries to pop her in the nose as it bounces back…

  2. Gus LOVES these videos! When I played the first two I thought his eyes were going to explode. He gets the same look on his face when he sees the big yellow lab on the beneiful commercial.

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