Just real quick-like…

I’ve been running a fever and sweating like a pig for a week now. And the coughing… I must have the strongest pelvic floor in the neighborhood. When does this end?! I haven’t been medicating the fever, my mom taught me that the fever serves a purpose in your body healing itself. Was she taking potent pharmaceuticals at the time, or is she right on? What’s your mom say? Was she at the same party as my mom? Let me know. Seriously. About medicating a fever or not. Not the moms-party-drugs thing.

I’ve already spent 90 minutes reading blogs and commenting today and I have like, a jillion things to get done, so I’m just going to pop in and say… To everyone that commented… Thank You Thank You Thank You! It totally made my day!

Oh barf. That rhymed. I didn’t do that on purpose. Honest.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude….. *scampers off*

4 thoughts on “Just real quick-like…

  1. Heh.

    Well my mother’s a nurse. She would medicate fevers — especially in children, you do NOT want a fever spike. You do need to monitor it.

    OTOH, she had zero sympathy for the notion that one might get a cold by going outside with wet hair, etc…

  2. Oh — and coughs are a PITA. Once I start up with a cough it can last for weeks past once I’m well. So I really squash those down before they “take hold.”

    On the other hand, the attractions of a strong pelvic floor…hmm…

  3. What are you thinking? Take the meds…the stronger the better. There’s no point feeling like crap for no reason:) And BTW, you have to post on my blog if I’m here:)

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