Gray matter splattered all over my pretty new office (maybe I need to lay off the CSI?)

I’m so frustrated right now.
*pitches a hissy fit*
I am ordering a bunch of prints from flickr. (I have bunches of pics uploaded; go check it out.)
I was in “my cart”, I hit “submit”, and an error comes up: “Since you are ordering more than 100 pics, it will take 24 hours instead of of 1 hour processing.”
I was really counting on the whole “1 hour processing” concept to make up for my remarkable powers of procrastination.
So I called ahead because I need these by this evening. The chick says if I bring in the pics on CD, they can get them done. I get there, and each pic is 22 cents each instead of 20 cents each because that’s an online only special. OK. I asked if I enter the order online, will they be ready by suppertime. She says yes. I get on the internet on my little ppc and hit submit. I went back up to the counter and ask (a different chick) if they received the order yet. She says, “Oh no, it can take an hour or two for a flickr order to show up in our system.”
I say very carefully, “For guaranteed one hour processing, it can take an hour OR TWO for the order to show up in your system?!”
She says, “Yes.”
Does this logic make anyone else’s head want to explode???

AAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH Calgon take me awaaaaaaaaaay

3 thoughts on “Gray matter splattered all over my pretty new office (maybe I need to lay off the CSI?)

  1. gray matter splattered? lol…. I love it. the brain is always the funnest to work with.

    personal qu: are you really almost deaf? do you sign?

  2. Yeah, I still have maybe 40%. Loss is in both ears. I have a hearing aid but I rarely use it. Damn thing doesn’t help much really.
    I have degenerative nerve disease so it’s progressive deafness. I started losing my hearing at birth, but I can speak well because I still had a fair amount of hearing when I was learning to speak. I failed my first hearing test when I was in grade school. Doctors say I will be full deaf maybe in my 50s.
    I’m learning sign and I’m getting pretty good at it. I started ASL 1 a little over a year ago and now I can carry on a respectable conversation. Now I’m in ASL 3 at my local community college and have gotten active in the Deaf Community and made some really awesome friends. That’s where you learn all the really raunchy signs. 😉

  3. I promise I read regularly – your writing is great and you tell your stories with such wit. In future, I promise I’ll post comments:) You have to do the same for me though. haha

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