Or maybe it was the Antichrist. One can’t always be sure.

QotD… O.J. Simpson is back in the news again. What are your thoughts on the release of “If I Did It” and his recent arrest?
I could not possibly care less. I could try; but it would be an exercise in futility because I’m 100% certain I would not be successful. He’s an evil, evil man. No way I’m wasting my time reading that book.

Sunday night I put on my kickass boots, and I kicked Mama’s ass. I was so scared I had that nasty copper taste in my mouth. But I must have disguised my fear well enough because she behaved herself relatively well. After we got home, I tossed a couple Lucky Strikes at her. She growled and chucked a couple bingo chips back at me and went back to her crossword puzzle, muttering to herself. Something about Elvis giving birth to a 7 pound owl in Melba, Idaho that she had undoubtedly read about in one of her tabloids.
I do want to learn to ride my bike, not for the joy of riding a bike but rather for the accomplishment of besting my fear. If that works, maybe I’ll move on to the “joy” crap.

Hunkster gave me one of his doo-rags he didn’t really like too awful much so I could deconstruct it and use it for a pattern. I bought some material with Dory all over it and I’m making myself a Dory doo-rag. I worked on it for hours yesterday and it’s almost done. I’m pretty proud of myself! I promise pictures when I’m finished with it.

I have my first tutoring session for ASL today for an hour before class, then class from 2 to 4 then Deaf Dinner until 7, so I have a busy day scheduled. I better get a move on.

Rip it, roll it, and punch it, dude.

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